James Blunt  

rm_wazzwa13 33M
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7/21/2006 11:19 pm
James Blunt

Ok, so he is a decent singer... ut what in gods green earth is the tarraction to him... why does the very mention of his name make women go all weak and giddy and giggly???
ok i will agree he can sing and thats sexy and he also isn't too bad looking... but what about all the other male singers out there?
ok so the same thing happens at the mention of John Mayer and Jack Johnson... but what is the attraction? the genre of music? what?
i really am at a loss?
and no i'm not jelous or anything, just bemused... if ever there is a lull in coversation with a woman just mentino James Blunt and bingo u have another hour of conversation...
its really quite amusing and curious...

so women please explain the attraction to me

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