I can't give blood today :(  

rm_want478 41M
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7/13/2006 9:18 am
I can't give blood today :(

Not because I'm having unprotected sex with strangers, but I left my ID at home... maybe that's okay today because it's probably a little embarrasing to have to answer yes to those questions: "Have you ever had sex for money or drugs?" "Have you had unprotected sex with more than one partner in the last month, etc." Not that my answer is yes, but it would be a little embarrasing I think to have to say yes. Then all the nurses would turn and look at me, my co-workers would all look at me... Ewwww, gross their faces would say. I can imagine their eyes squinting with repulsion. They'd make me leave the screening area. I wouldn't get my free t-shirt. No free cookies and orange juice.

What an odd thought...

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