miss me?  

rm_wanna_peach 33F
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6/18/2006 8:24 pm
miss me?

you ladies must be missing me....and i did promise part2 didnt i? well if i havent saw it all...see all you regulars are doing a little cleaning of your own...get this: NAME CHANGING! well i guess not all yet and of course you are not behaving any better. im still waiting swissmiss3 wheres my new list of names darlin? oh yeah i do visit sauna but nice try waitingOnAFF and swissmiss3 you girls got it all wrong see why people get banned? your friends might what to watch you SWISSMISS3. didnt u say blue_dreams2 have a new name swissmiss3? something like justeatme? well canuckkk PT_diva forgives you but i dont...lol,i wonder if ole swissaroo do? but u know im around just dont know who im huh? well im someone new every day. im now none other then THESAUNAGHOST...HAHA...still gotta watch you girls.but wait! waitingOnAFF you visits my blogs like clockwork how did you come up empty handed like that? picking on innocent persons,dont lie,dont get me started!sent my swiss a email wanted her to know that's wrong as for you waitingOnAFF for starts add you to my list of things to do.thats right you can try to ban me cant get rid of someone you cant see...poof!for your special something swiss check out charmernstuff recent blog and theres more read all the profiles too.i told you to behave....remember im always watching!i just know she will try to get away with her dirt again,want you swissmiss3? well enjoy sauna as it is meant to be and do look out for part3

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