my favorite poem  

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5/18/2005 1:09 am

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my favorite poem

Of all the poems I ever wrote...this is my favorite. It was about a girl (Diane) I knew a long time ago and never dated because of our different situations. That is actually why I have the name I do. I always meet the right woman at the wrong time, wrong place, wrong situation. I must have pissed off some witch cause I have some bad voodoo following me around. I am cursed. Or so I like to believe.

Commie Bride

Workers revolt!
In those days we were red;
Commies through and through.
Maybe just me, maybe not you.
You, however, were still part of the plan.
A major part; a Major in the red army to be.
My communist bride;
Our wedding the opening volley
Of the coming revolution.
My proletariat Helen
Wrapped in red and yellow
Holding aloft sickle and hammer
Launching the 1000 ships of the party.
Yet, our revolution never came.
Aborted and tossed away,
But then I was never serious anyway.
I went from left to right, back to left again.
The other thing which was left was you
And since you left, there was nothing right.
Off to God knows where, with revolution on your lips.
Maybe Georgia, maybe Wichita,
Last I knew California.
There to inspire and drive others wild
With thoughts of change, a better world,
And weddings.
No longer red am I.
That was left behind in my past,
Just as I was left behind in yours.

hotclit1984 30F
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7/8/2005 12:42 pm

OMG!!! That poem is amazing! It's really well written, and flows well. It's deep and sincere. I really love it! Maybe we can swop some poems some time if you are interested

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