An updated version of my oldest fantasy  

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3/20/2006 6:46 pm

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An updated version of my oldest fantasy

Oh, I have had this fantasy for years! I just love it. And there are SO many variations it can have... you will see what I mean. Here's a hint.. after the blindfold goes on, ANYTHING can happen!

Somehow I've "met" you already...not face to face, but either on the phone or online in a chat room. We've hit it off pretty well and decide on meeting at a nice hotel in NYC on a Saturday in early fall. You pick the place and we agree on meeting at noon. I tell you that I will be wearing jeans, a white blouse, and a navy blue blazer. You already know that I'm short with long dark hair. I know that you are around 6 foot tall, with very sexy eyes (I'm not certain how I know that but I do) and that you'll be in khakis, a white button down shirt, wearing a sport coat. You tell me to meet you in the lounge of the hotel.

I take the train into the city, walk to the hotel, and hesitate for a few moments in the lobby. "Oh my God...what am I doing here? No one knows I'm here....I don't know this man, really...." but then I think to all the conversations we've had and decide that I am safe and it's ok...that it's really something I want to do. I take a deep breath and walk into the lounge. I pick you out right away and walk up to the table. You put a hand on my shoulder, say hi, and give me a quick kiss on the cheek. (Silently inside myself, I let out a big sigh, knowing I've made the right decision). We make very little small talk, and I order a already have a drink that's half finished. Once my drink arrives, you stand, take your drink and finish it in one gulp, and take something out of your's a room key. You tell me...go to this room and that I will find a note on the bed. I am to follow what the note says to the "T". I look at you just smile and walk out of the room. Now what?!?!?!? I ask I run back to the train station, or do I go upstairs and see what adventure I'm in for....I decide to go for the adventure!

I go up to the room...a beautiful, large room, with a wonderful view. And sure enough on the bed is a box with a bow and a sealed envelope. I hesitantly open the envelope and this is what the note says..."Go draw yourself a bath...there are bath salts on the vanity...and soak and relax for 15 minutes. When you get out of the bath, dry yourself off and open up the box that is on the bed....there is another note inside the box for you." Interesting, and a nice idea....I go into the bathroom and do as instructed....what a luxurious place...this feels great...and I am relaxing in this tub!. After about 15 minutes, I get out, dry myself off and go back to the box on the bed. I open it with much anticipation and in it is a beautiful black sexy nightie. I open the says..."put this on and lay on the bed....close your eyes and start playing with yourself...turn on the TV and VCR but don't watch it....just listen to the sounds....don't cum until I join you....I will know when the time is right."

I put on the outfit and feel like a million dollars....I feel pretty and it's so soft and is see through for much of it....AND my tits look great in it! I do as told...lay on the bed...turn on the TV's a heavy duty porn flick with the man dominating his submissive (very interesting to "hear" only and not actually "see"....I close my eyes and start taking care of myself.....I am already wet with anticipation of things to's unbelievable!

Quite a while goes by and between having my eyes closed and listening to the movie, I'm having a tough time holding back from cumming....and as soon as I am really getting into it, I feel you grabbing my tits! Before I can do anything, one of your hands covers my eyes so I can't ask me "are you having a good time?' and I quickly say yes. You tell me where you've snuck into the room while I was in the bath....snuck into the closet....and watched me from the minute I stepped out of the tub 'till right this very tell me that you really liked watching gets to me....I guess it's tied to the exhibitionist hiding inside me! You then ask me if I'm ready for a wild time...for the adventure of my dreams...and I say yes! With that, you remove your hand from my eyes but tell me to keep them closed. I then feel you blindfold me, and next you tie my arms to the bed...outstretched but still comfortable. And then the adventure begins....from kisses on my neck, a tongue in my caressing my biting my nipples (not too hard) kissing my stomach, my legs, the backs of my my ankles....everywhere except my wanting pussy....oh, what teasing you're doing to me!

I'm moaning and I'm squirming baby...I WANT YOU....I WANT YOU NOW!....You can tell how aroused I am and roughly tell me "Hold on baby...not'll cum when I tell you to cum"...OMG how will I ever be able to hold out when you're doing this to me? Soon I feel other things on that a feather you’re teasing my nipples with???? Then I feel fur...over my tits. down my stomach, and on the insides of my legs....and you're still not going near my pussy! These different sensations are out of this world....I've never had anything like this done to me before....I like it! And as quickly as all this all stops. I hear a change in your's deeper...more tell me. "beg for what you want slut...tell me what you need...maybe I'll give it to you...maybe I won't...let's see how well you can beg!"....

I want more of everything you've been doing, but I also want you in me soon...what do I ask for? or rather - what do I BEG for??? I am a smart woman, so I choose my words carefully....I say... "Baby, I need you...I need you in EVERY way... AND NOW... I'm begging you to take me...make me your whore, make me your slut...take me however you want, HOWEVER you want!" With that, you attack my neck...kissing and biting gently but're grabbing my tits and then move your mouth to my nipples...sucking them ever so hard....oh baby, I can't tell you what I'm feeling! I can't even touch you because my arms are tied...god how I want to hold you! And first lay next to me with your head by my hips. You tease my mouth with your it to me...then taking it away...then giving it back to me - I DON"T LET YOU GO THIS mouth has you clamped down and my tongue goes at are groaning and loving it....loving the passion...the heat....the raw animal instincts....ME TOO!! With that, you roll on top of me and start to go down on me....oh, let me tell you! I almost let your cock out of my mouth when I moan out loud, but I quickly're not getting away from me that easy! Neither of us knows if we should concentrate on "pleasing" or "enjoying" the other but regardless, we've got it going on in an incredible way!

But you stop and roll off me...bringing your head up by mine...and give me a few of your deep, deep groans…you ask me..."Do you want my cock now you little slut....tell me...tell me ..." I can barely speak but I say "Fuck me now...please, please, fuck me now"... You say " Get ready slut, I'm going to fuck you like you've never been FUCKED before!"...oh my god...just hearing you say that...right in my ear...oh my god....

You get on top of me and give me one very long, very strong thrust of your cock...I scream out to are in me so deep...what a feeling! Your mouth sucks my nipples and you move in me...slowly and deeply....I'm losing it...I'm trying to reach my pussy up to you as much as I can, just to get you deeper in me....I LOVE YOU IN ME!

You pull the blindfold from my eyes and now I can look at you while you're fucking me....oh, the intensity in your face...the strain, the sweat on your forehead...oh are you sexy looking like that! I still can't touch you but my eyes show you the depth of my arousal. I start begging you..."baby, make me cum...make me cum for you." You don't answer me, but your actions tell me to go start pounding into me fiercely, so hard, so strong, so moan in my ear...."here I cum slut...I'm going to cum in your pussy right now" and oh god, do you....what an explosive cum you have! And I lose it to....I started as soon as you growled in my ear that you were cumming inside me.....and baby, I cum harder for you than I ever have before.

zorgnot2 61M

3/20/2006 9:09 pm

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.
Wish it was me doing the cumming.
Very hot, girl!!
A big <3 right where it can pick the place(s).
I'd love to feel you shudder.

spamalot22 59M

3/22/2006 2:41 pm

what a wonderful fantasy !

campfirecozy 68M

3/24/2006 3:55 pm


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rm_ADONIS44 59M
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3/26/2006 3:20 am

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! So intense and soooo descriptive. Love your writing and your passion. YUMMY!!!

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