A good day for reading  

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5/9/2006 8:12 am

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A good day for reading

So - the weather here today is chilly, damp and windy. So, what am I going to do? I am going to the bookstore to buy "Different Loving"... came highly recommended to me. I'm going to curl up on the couch with a comfy pillow and read away!

Speaking of reading - here's another story for your reading pleasure... hope you like it!

She sits alone at her kitchen table, logged on to her laptop, re-reading all those wonderful, precious notes back and forth between the two of them. They've not yet met, but in her mind's eye, she sees him all the time, and they talk - of all sorts of things. On her body she feels his warm caresses. On her lips, she feels the strength of his kiss. And in her mind - he is with her. He is hers... she is his. He is Dom… she is sub.

She moves into the bedroom as the hour is getting late and her eyes are getting tired. She removes her robe and lies on the bed. Bringing the bedclothes up to her neck, she nestles into the softness and warmth of her bed. Oh she wishes she weren't alone again tonight. She wishes she could feel this man beside her, feel the warmth of his skin, and get lost in the smell of his scent. She longs to be under his control. She aches to have him bring her to places to which she’s never been. She wants to fly with him.

Such heady thoughts... enough to make her mind wander.

As she lies there, thinking of Him, her hands move to her breasts...unconsciously of course. They always do when she thinks of him. Her nipples, they are hard, for that is an immediate reaction too whenever she thinks of him. Oh she longs to feel his fingers toy and pinch her nipples. She needs to feel his warm, hot mouth on her nipples. Inside, she aches for these things. So for now, she caresses herself and teases her nipples with her fingers, all the while envisioning it is he who is doing this to her.

She feels the heat within building, she can feel herself getting wet... all because of thoughts of him. Her hands move down her stomach, caressing herself as her hands move down to her womanhood. It is hot. It is wet. She feels light kisses on her belly, feels his nose drag across her skin, and feels his hands grip her waist. His head moves down to her wetness. Oh how real it all is!

He moves his mouth to taste her, a quick lick, then another, then another...each getting progressively stronger. He loves the taste of her, she loves him tasting her. His hands move down to part her lips so he can eat at her more hungrily. His tongue, it dashes in and out of her as she writhes with pleasure - oh what he does to her!

She loves this all, she truly does, but she is not satisfied. She won't be satisfied until she gets to taste him, have his strong, rigid manhood in her moist, warm mouth. She wants him... she needs him! Gently, she places her hands on his head while he is pleasuring her, and she tenderly tugs at his ears to get his attention. He looks up at her from between her spread legs (a vision that sets her heart aflame) and he smiles at her... a loving, warm, all telling smile. Slowly he lifts himself and moves up to lie next to her on the bed. She rolls to her side, adjusts the pillows beneath his head (for she wants him to be as comfortable as is possible), and then she begins the task that she longs for....that she lives for. She moves herself down, positioning herself between his legs, her face directly in front of his bulging cock. She loves his cock, so well proportioned, so beautiful. He is all man...he is everything that she ever dreamed of, and yet, more.

She caresses his hard cock with the warmth of her cheek, in the tenderest way possible. She loves that feeling. Then, she turns her head, looks up at her man with her big, brown eyes, and softly takes him into her mouth. A smile comes across his face, he slowly closes his eyes, and life is good.

She makes love to his cock, she could stay there forever, relishing the taste and feel of him in her mouth. Sometimes tugging at the skin gently, sometimes bringing her mouth up and down his rigidness with strength and passion. His hands travel to the back her head, and slowly, lovingly, he pets her hair as she suckles him. Again, life is good.

There are times that she gingerly takes his balls into her mouth and there are times when she licks the length of his hard cock. And there are times when she licks his balls and wraps her fingers around his cock... pumping it... building the excitement within him. She can feel his passion rising, and she knows she must now stop, for she longs to have him penetrate her. This is their time, the full sharing of one another.

His hands move to her shoulders, he caresses her once again... she knows she is loved. She moves up to lie with him and he hugs her, envelops her in his arms, tighter than tight, melding their bodies together, if only for a few moments. With grace and purpose, he moves to mount her. Instinctively, she opens for him, opens herself up to him, wanting him to take her, take what is his.

He enters her and she gasps. Not from the surprise of it, but from the fulfillment of the action. He fills her, fills her as no other has ever done. He revels in it too - her tightness, her wetness, her warmth... in his mind, he is home. He leans on his forearms and gazes in her eyes. He sees into her soul, as she sees his. They know they were meant to be. They know this is a bond that will never die, only grow more and more strong.

He strokes and strokes within her, and it builds...the heat between them, inside them, builds incredibly. They can't get any closer together physically, yet they try, they try, they try. His strokes grow more furious in strength, need and want. She opens herself up more, trying to get him deeper within her body, and her soul, her inner being.

And then the moment arrives, the two can no longer contain themselves, nor do they want to. They release any restraint they have placed on themselves and release to each other with wild abandon. This is passion, this is not sex; this is truly making love. He tenses up and shudders as she bucks underneath him. He releases his essence into her with such force, she can feel the explosion inside herself. Oh, how they both love the intensity they bring on in one another.

Moments later, they are luxuriously spent, exhausted, and thoroughly content. They share a sweet and simple kiss. There is no need for words right now, as both he and she try to bring themselves back to reality. Quite often it is like this. What they share is uncommon, profound, and almost inexplicable. To say the earth moves for them is an understatement. Such joy, such peace, such contentment - that is what they give to one another.

She shakes her head a bit, opens her eyes, and realizes that although she has just experienced an orgasm of a depth like no other, again, she is alone. How real he is to her though... how real it seems, these loving moments between them. She wonders what it will be like when they really are together. She hopes he wonders too.

Time, all in good time. For good things happen to those who wait, and as she has told him countless times before, they are both good people.

zorgnot2 61M

5/12/2006 9:31 pm

Wow, Girl!
Wish I was there to help ou realize that scenario in person.
Just the way I like it.

rm_sandbagger71 66M

6/5/2006 2:41 pm

You are something else. Many men wish they could be that "someone".

rm_shamcock9 54M
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7/4/2006 4:33 am

guess you and that woman have the same things in common going to bed alone and playing with yourself on a daily basis which is cool you be like that lady and wait because time will give you so much pleasure waiting but don't wait too long or you will get too use to those toys and fingers stuck up your ass

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