Corny Flakes.. another month  

rm_vlt721 30M
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7/1/2006 9:45 am

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9/2/2006 1:03 am

Corny Flakes.. another month

Im almost convinced that this site is just a loop now to suck money.
its july now. entering the third month that i've been a gold member.
still i have not talked with any REAL people.. if you know what i mean.
Still i haven't meet anyone.
Still i haven't found anyone who might be interested.
No winks, No real Emails except autoreplys, nothing.
Friends that don't talk back or leave comments. and a bunch of money grabbers trying to get my email.
The ones who have responded back all say the ame thing.. i'm to young to be a friend im to young to have fun with.... even if they're 1 year older.

i don't get it. I look beter than most the dudes on here. i can perform longer than most the dudes on here. and im nicer than most the dudes on here. not some middle aged guy whos been alone his whole life hangin around in porno stores.
I'm a hot young college guy.

I thought that this site would be sick to meet some new friends.. especially cause im kind of new in my area. and believe me. it sucks being lonely.
but iwas wrong again.

well im a hardcore student so i got to get back studying.

sunshinekzn 59F

7/1/2006 7:47 pm

At least I know you enjoyed my blog thanks. The fun is in the "hunt" sorry you have not found anyone yet! With your body and at your age you should be in the real world and not stuck in cyber land! Go out and have fun!

Take care!

rm_rednice 43F
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7/16/2006 10:35 pm

maybe you just havent hit the right person up

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