Pony Express - The 3rd Rider (over the pass we go)  

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9/27/2005 1:07 pm

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Pony Express - The 3rd Rider (over the pass we go)

..... you bolt up into a sitting position and try to stash the un-boxed toy in your hand behind your back.......as if I wouldn't have immediately known what you were up to as I walked in, not to mention the wrapping paper and box pieces thrown all over the floor! I'm not really angry with you, but I don't let the look on my face betray this fact.....I knew you wouldn't be able to resist opening this special gift even with the risk of punishment, just as I caught you peeling up the edges of the Christmas packages last year. On top of that, I know you need the punishment almost as much as you needed to see what was in the box, so I will comply with your weaknesses......

"And just WHAT do you think you are doing?" I say in an elevated voice. You are silent, your eyes cannot meet mine - they look down at the bed."Do you think you can disobey my instructions and not pay a price?" You still look down and don't make a sound. What can you do really - you've been caught! Vibrator in hand...wet trobbing pussy exposed! I grin but you can't see it because your gaze remains down. "I see I will have to teach you a lesson again. If you want to act like a slut on your own then I'll teach you how to do it properly!" I say as I'm unbuttoning my shirt and taking it off. "Do you like acting like a little slut when I'm not around?" as my pants are unbuckled and fall to the floor around my ankles. Still no response from you. My cock has been hard ever since I walked in when it registered what you have been up to and that I would get to punish you for it.

I move over to the bed and reach out my hand as I get on the mattress. On my knees, my ridgid cock is right beside your face which is mostly hidden by your hair falling forward. You slowly bring your hand from behind your back and place the new toy in my hand. "Now I'm gonna show you how to use this the right way, but first...." I grab your chin with my free hand and roughly raise it up so you are face to face with the end of my cock and can see that pre-cum has already started to form at the tip. "Answer me!" I hiss at you "Do you like being a little slut when I'm not around?"......a small whimper of a "yes" escapes your lips. "You don't even know how to use this thing, do you?" I say with distain. "no" is the only thing back from you, but I'm well aware that this is your first. "Tell me that you want me to teach you!" I order....."Tell me that you want me to teach you how to be a proper slut for me!"....... Your eyes look up at mine for the first time and you state what we both need to hear."Please....teach me" - then your eyes divert immediately back to the head of my cock just in front of you. The clear liquid on the end has formed into a large droplet....you yearn to stick your tougue out that partial inch and taste it, but you know better. My hand is still gripping your chin and I will let you taste it when I am ready....

"First you'll have to make me want to teach you." I instruct as I bring your jaw forward. The tip of my cock hits your closed lips and I press forward with my hips. The tip slides between your closed lips, leaving a short trail of my liquid on both of them as the head disappears into your mouth. I release your jaw, but grab a handfull of your hair just behind your neck, closing my grip on your locks, I pull your head forward and my cock slowly slides in across your tongue and towards the back of your throat. I use your hair to direct the motion of your head back and forth over my cock and I let it slip farther in with each push. The movement is slow....just the way I like it. I can feel your tongue start working around the tip and on the sensetive underside as it glides in and out of your mouth. I know this is starting to turn you on too from the way you sigh whenever my cock leaves your mouth for a split second.....

Out of the bottom of my vision, I see you start to sneek your hand down between your legs. "Don't touch that clit!" I warn. "Get on your hands and knees!" I order you as I back away from you and release your hair - your neck strains forward and you continue to suck greedily on the end of my cock until it literally 'pops' out of your mouth. I position myself beside you on my knees still and with the toy still in my hand. You are on your hands and knees as you feel the first sting from "SMACK!" as I swat your ass cheek with just enough of a snap to leave bearly a red mark. You jolt forward because it was unexpected, but I know the warmth from it has registered in your mind and has already begun to make you move the juices from far inside. "Tell me what you want me to do with this!" I inquire. No answer is recieved.......you know the result....."SMACK!" "TELL ME!" the spanks are not painful past a stinging sensation, but the fingerprint is now visible. "Teach me" you coo in a low whisper. "SMACK!" "Teach you what!" I insist........"Teach me how to be your little slut and how to fuck that blue cock!" is the surprising response. It makes my own cock pulse and jump with excitement to know you're giving me permission to penetrate your being with this extention of myself. I find the small packet of lube and coat the cock, running my hand up and down its length as if I was jacking my own dick. You have turned your head back towards me and can see this take place. I move around behind you where your womanhood is exposed in every way to me. Almost inperceivably you push your ass a bit higher and your shoulders drop towards the mattress.The ring of your puckered asshole is swelled by your position and it calls to me. Your clit is fully erect and protuding past the outter lips. "Spread your knees!" I order, as I aim the instrument towards your slit. You can feel the vibrations of it move the air against your clit as it is millimeters away. Your forehead goes down against the bed and I hear you suck in a huge breath of air and hold it in anticipation.........

[colo red} Are you touching yourself as you read this? Be carefull - the consequences can sting!...... Steve

rm_saintlianna 46F
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9/27/2005 2:27 pm

OOOOOHHHHHHH This is getting frustrating!!! You are a little cocktease aren't you?

sexyeyes375 48F

9/27/2005 9:16 pm

...mmmmmm..... MORE.... please....

rm_vixenflir 59M
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9/28/2005 5:24 am

Lianna - No! I'm a little 'vibrator' tease! and I'm sure there isn't a male around that wouldn't say you guys deserve it!

Sexy - your wish is my command........or my wish is your command.....I get confused!

Cutie - welcome! and enjoy!

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