Looking at a sexy man!!  

rm_vixen_00800 45M/40F
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9/8/2006 6:24 pm
Looking at a sexy man!!

I know you all out there know what i mean when i say you gotta love looking at a hot sexy man. Ok maybe its looking at a hot sexy woman. But you can't deny that they catch your eye. I was recently talking to a friend who is always teased because no matter what he is doing he stops and stares when he sees a beautiful woman. Or sometimes just a woman with a nice rack. I see no problem with a man checking me out or even a woman checking me out. After all i dress to get noticed. wear tight clothes showing lots of cleavage and round ass cheeks when I get the chance. Does my man like my attention I get, well of course, he knows he has me and thats that. But he likes to look at others too, which i point out the hot ones for him too. OH by the way guys, you know you have a safe relationship if the lady points out the hot ones for ya. Or she wants to do them with you too. I know the feeling!! Took me a long time to admit that, but i get just as hot showing him the hot chics and his saying he wants me to do certain things with her. Some day!!..
But back to the reason i started writing today, i was just sitting here with my man and watching tv. and i love watching him more than watching the tv. he is hot after all. I need to find a man to make him happy now. Any takers??

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