Daze Of My Existence (8 of ?)  

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11/16/2005 2:35 am

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Daze Of My Existence (8 of ?)

So I got pulled over for no seat belt. After he gave me the ticket he said my license needs to be renewed soon. I was like "yeah I know that's what the card told me" He said something about my mouth. A man walks up and asked for a jump the cop said "I can call a tow company for you" I yell out "way to SERVE and protect" as I put my papers away. The cop returned to my truck asking what I said. "I said way to serve and protect" looking in his eyes that were turning red. "You don't know the rules we have to follow sir" he said in a stern voice. "You can write tickets but can't help that guy don't you cops carry road kits huh don't you" "I'm a officer sir" he blaired before calling for back up. "Back up, back up wow question a officer (officer was said with a snide voice) about his job and you go to jail." He replied "keep it up and you will be." Back up arrives, they handcuff me (thinking to my self how in the hell can you women be turned on by this) back is chilly, but chest is warm as I lay on his hood. They pull jumper cables from their trunk use my truck to jump the guy. Then release me. As they drive away I yell "way to serve and protect a-holes" They both flip me off. FN COPS.

LOL I'm a very nice guy when I get pulled over. I even offer them coffee and doughnuts.

Giving it another shot...

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