Hi all  

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6/10/2006 2:54 am
Hi all

Hello everyone who reads this. My name is Viper and I am dating a man named Jet. Those are not our real names. I am here because I want to have a real relationship with a woman who hasn't had more than a handful of experiences with guys and girls and hopefully has no experiences with girls so I don't feel like such a fool when I figure out what the hell I am doing. I have never gone farther than making out with a girl and I enjoyed it very much, however, I have been dating Jet for 7 years and that is not a relationship that you just walk out on so we are sticking together. Jet knows how I feel about women and he wants to join so we are looking for either a women that is just for me, a women that won't mind being with both of us, a women that doesn't mind being with me but letting him watch, and/or a women who loves anal and oral sex and wants to be him so that I don't have to give him anymore anal or oral. I am not fond of it. I have nothing against bigger women but I prefer someone that is about my size which is about 5'2" and around 120 lbs. Jet is 5'8" and 400lbs and I feel so tiny when I am with him so I want someone that I feel natural around. I know that I look kind of silly in my pix but I am not a very good picture person and I usually look horrible in every picture that is taken of me. I am also looking for a friend to talk to that has some similar interests as me. I like Disneyland and I am obsessed with pirates. I like WWE wrestling and I love Jackie Chan movies. I am not normal and I am proud of that. So if we might get along and your not another guy who wants to nail me, then I would love to get to know you better.

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