Penis I need to worry?  

rm_viginguy 37M
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5/15/2006 11:57 pm
Penis I need to worry?

I am worried about my penis size. I have an average cock size, its cool but the big fucking question is: will I be able to fuck, to satisfy a woman? Or will she laugh at me. Will my cock be hard enough during sex? Being still a virgin, all these things make me worry. When I worry, I masturbate. It may seem strange but its like that, everyone is different. I spent the whole day surfing the net reading articles on penis size. I have masturbated too much. My balls are in pain. Oh lord, please help me. Well, in all these articles there was something common. Most women said that cock size does not matter during sex, sometimes big cock hurt. This gave me confidence but then I read from a guy who wrote that his bitch of girlfriend laughed at his average sized dick and let him down. I don’t know why but I felt offended. I mean we all know reality man. Most men have average cock size. Those who believe that all cocks are similar as porno actors are mistaken. But still, I wish that my cock was as big as those sons of bitches. I’m thinking about buying those enlargement pills but it damn fuck costs! Anyway as I always say, life is a shit as we don’t get what we want!

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