i know that alot of women do this too  

rm_vickylynn3 40F
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6/2/2006 11:02 am
i know that alot of women do this too

I have noticed that there are more men out there who think sex is the only thing to do in a relationship why is that eventually sex is gonna go and not be the biggest thing in ur life and if all u have is sex then when u get older and not want as much sex u are gonna be misserable cause u never had the love and communication skills that are also needed to have a sucessful relationship why is it that u have to talk about sex sex and more sex to get guys to even spare a passing glance that is just wrong to me and i do know that there are women out there who do the same thing so do not get me wrong but i wish that there were more men out there that respected women not all of us just want sex alot of us want a man to treat us right to bad more men were not raised to respect women

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