non-smoking dicks  

rm_venture12002 64M
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7/2/2005 11:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

non-smoking dicks

I've finally had my fill and have to get this out.First I smoke and I know it's bad for me.My problem is with non-smokers thinking it's ok to be obnoxious.I know second hand smoke can smell bad and bother people with alergies, so I try to be polite around others.Even in my own home if I'm smoking and the doorbell rings the first thing I do is put it out just to be courteouse.I was outside and a woman and her little girl walk by.The little girl says look mom that man is smoking The woman says yes dear he's a nasty nasty man.Give a break.I have a friend who's 65.He goes very clean and dresses very well and clean cut.Yesterday he goes in to a non-smoking resterant and the people in line behind him smelled smoke on him.They complained and he was told to leave now.This is a good clean guy who does more charity work in this town than anyone.By the way it also chaps my ass that people believe comercials and don't check for themselves.The original study that said second hand smoke kills people (on the cover)was finally read by some scientist.They took it to the supreme court and said someone should read this there is nothing in the studies that shows it hurts anyone.It was shown to be false and thrown out, however everyone stills uses it to get away with bad behavior.It's fashionable to get so drunk you can't remember what you did.I don't like it so I don't do it.If you want to I don't get in you're face about it.All I'm saying is I try to be polite about it.Please do the same in return.To those who won't like this I'll just say it "bite ME".

alice593 72M

7/9/2005 7:31 pm

I hear the same thing, about how nasty smoking is. A lot comes from non-smokers who used to smoke their head off. It is a bad habit and costly, but whenever I finally get up to quit; I end up stressed out or something bad occurs. It is the only thing that settles me down.

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