Just A Few Questions  

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Just A Few Questions

I stumbled out of bed when the alarm rang. The first light I turned on was the computer desk in the living room, right outside the bedroom door. I double clicked the Internet icon before stumbling to the bathroom for a piss, hot shower and a shave. After dressing, I made a breakfast of a jelly sandwich. I checked and replied to my emails as I ate. By quarter after five, I had made one last pit stop, and was out the door for work.

I had stopped at McDonalds along the way to buy a cup of coffee when two people, a man and a woman, walked up to me, flashed badges at me, and asked if I was who they thought I was. I identified myself as me, and the detectives asked, with forceful hands on my shoulders, to go with them for a few questions.

They put me in my car, with one of them in the passenger seat, and the other following close behind. I was directed to a house about four miles away. The detective with me said it was a safe house, property seized from a terrorist cell back in 2001. They guided me into the house, which was dark until they turned on a switch in the hall.

I was escorted to a room. The room had three chairs and a bed. The only window was closed off from the outside with blinds and drapes. The light from the ceiling was dim, but the light from a floor lamp, shining on an armless chair, was bright.

“Strip,” commanded the woman.

“Why?” I asked. “I thought you had a few questions.”

“We need to search you for contraband,” said the man as he slipped a latex glove over his right hand.

“Now wait a …” I began, but both of them pushed me against the wall. As the man held me firmly, the woman tore my shirt off, popping off the buttons.

“Hey!” I snapped. The man held my chin and turned my head to look at him as the woman unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pulled them down along with my shorts.

“We do have a few questions. But this is just procedure. Be good, and maybe you’ll even find some pleasure in it. Be bad,” He turned my head to a big black bag off in the corner of the room. “Be bad and you’ll get hurt.”

As the policeman held my back against the wall, the policewoman fondled my cock and balls. The policeman was still holding my chin up, so I couldn’t see what she was doing…but I sure could feel it, and I was rock hard. That’s odd, I thought, since when is it procedure to lick a suspect’s cock? She licked my cock; I could feel, from the tip to my balls and back up again. I felt her wet, warm mouth engulf my cock head. I jerked a little uncontrollably as she popped my head in and out of her tight lips. I’ve always been sensitive down there to touch. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped and stood up.

“He’s clean there,” she declared.

The policeman spun me around and it was the woman’s turn to press me against the wall. I was looking at her face with mine squished against the plaster. I saw sexual power in her eyes. I felt frightened and exhilarated all at once.

Something cold touched my anus. I realized a little too late that the policeman had slid two well-oiled fingers clear up my ass. He felt around inside me and I grunted. Before long, the policeman was pressing firmly and slowly rubbing his fingers against my rectum. I groaned and shook a little as he continued. Contraband my ass!

“Oh dear,” said the policewoman when she looked down. “You’re drooling.” She said mockingly. She reached down with one hand for a moment, and then brought her finger to my lips. She touched precum drenched fingertip to my lips. “What did you have for breakfast?” She asked as she pushed her fingertip between my lips. When I tried to answer, she touched my tongue with my own precum.

She reached down again and I mumbled “jellysmish.” I watched as she raised her finger, precum dripping off, to her own mouth. She slowly sucked and licked her finger. “Sweet,” she said.

The policeman pulled his fingers out and tossed the glove in a waste basket.

“He’s clean here, too,” he said with a devious smirk.

The policewoman let me go from the wall. I reached down to pull my pants up, but she stopped me, saying, “I told you to strip. I meant it. Now strip.”

The policeman had opened the bag by now and had pulled out a leather paddle. He slapped the bed with the paddle, making a loud, echoing thwack. “You heard the detective,” he said. “Strip.”

I finished what they had started, too scared to talk back. My cock was no longer hard, but precum still dribbled onto the floor as I stood naked in front of them.

“Sit,” he commanded, pointing to the armless chair under the bright floor lamp. I sat down timidly. He bound my hands to the back of the chair while she bound my ankles to the chairs front legs.

“Hey!” I cried out. “What the hell are you doing?”

She reached out and pinched my nipples. “Ouch!”

“We will ask the questions,” she said. “My first question is how promiscuous are you?”

“What kind of question is that?” I demanded as I winced at her pinching. She squeezed just enough to irritate me. But what irritated me more was my cock rising up in front of her. She grinned a little too big as she watched it.

The policeman put his hand under my chin and tilted my head back. I had a clear view of his nostrils as he said, “My partner asked you a question. How promiscuous are you?”

“mnot.” I mumbled.

He had me repeat, relaxing his hand under my chin, but not letting me drop my head to see what the policewoman was doing. She had walked over to the big black bag for something. Knowing my luck, she’d walk back with a big machete…or a rusty paring knife. She walked back, alright, but I didn’t see with what.

“How many women did you fuck this year?” She asked as I heard something being squeezed out of something.

“Who are you people?” I asked quickly. “You can’t be cops!”

He knelt down and whispered in my ear, “We’re vice.” He then kissed me full on the mouth. I was stunned! His tongue probed into my mouth, met my tongue, and I couldn’t resist licking it.

I was startled to feel something cold touch my hard cock. He still wouldn’t let me look down, and kept me occupied by licking my lips, tongue, and giving my face a tongue bath.

I realized, though, what she was doing. She was slowly giving me an oily handjob. She knew, too, all the sensitive spots. I was squirming in my chair as she lingered around my corona, lightly twisting her hand around my head, gliding her hands endlessly down my shaft.

“How many women?” she asked through her grin. She clearly liked my reaction.

“One.” I managed to say. I was too filled with electric sensations from my cock head to the head on my shoulders to say more.

“One!” the policeman laughed. “What did you do to her?”

I groaned with the rising flood of cum, but she stopped at just the right moment. I moaned and relaxed. She stood up and leaned over my face. She held my face in her oily hands.

“What did you do to her?” She asked with a hungry tone. Before I answered, though, she licked my lips.

“I…I…fucked her.” I stammered.

Grinning, she knelt back down and resumed stroking my cock. Once again, my head swam as she teased my cock with her oily hands.

“What else did you do to her?” asked the policeman, before he nibbled my ear. I tried to hide the ear against my shoulder, but he held my head back and licked my ear. “Answer,” he said between licks.

Squinting my face at the feel of a tongue probing my ear and an orgasm rising up from my balls, I mumbled an answer.

“What was that?” asked the policewoman.

I couldn’t answer because the build up from my balls was getting intense. I knew I would have to cum soon, but she was working my cock ever slower. I cried out and gasped at the torment she was putting me through. She was holding me at the edge of orgasm, without allowing me to go over, just by stroking, endlessly downward, so damn slowly! My heart was racing, my cock was swollen, and my balls ached!

“What else did you do to her?” repeated the policeman in my ear.

Just as my cock exploded, firing cum straight up and at least two feet high, I screamed, “Oral!”

I moaned, groaned and cried out as she continued to stroke me slowly, mercilessly milking me. It was a great relief to finally cum, but, after quite a few throbs, her continued stroking was becoming as much a torment as the denial she had put me through earlier.

“Did you have anal sex with her?” She asked.

“Please stop!” I begged.

The policeman reached down to my sides and started tickling me. I thrashed in the chair, ticklish as I am, and gasped for air. He stopped and said, “Answer the question. Did you do her up her ass?”

“N-n-no!” I cried. I took a deep breath and shouted, “Red! Red, red, rrrred!”

They stopped, looked at me, and started laughing. I caught my breath, tried to relax and wished they’d let me go.

She sat on my lap, my hard, swollen cock pinned beneath her ass. She held my face in her oily hands and kissed me full on the mouth.

“Red?” she asked. “This is not some BDSM game with safe words. This is reality!”

She got off of me and fired an order to the policeman. They both untied me from the chair and half carried half dragged me to the bed. They laid me on my back and bound me to the bed frame, spread eagle. I wasn’t shocked, but surprised, when they both stripped. It was no surprise to see his hard cock or her hard nipples.

They lay down on either side of me and simultaneously licked my cock. I had two tongues licking my shaft, from balls to head and back again. They licked around and each other. One would swallow my cock deep into their mouth, and then the other would. I could feel, deep in my balls, yet another orgasm mounting. I felt an oily finger slip up my ass, then another, thicker finger. They each were milking my prostrate!

I lost all track of time.

I came into both their mouths. Or, rather, they both caught cum as it escaped my cocked. One of them stroked my cock to keep cum flowing as they gorged themselves. He quickly sat up, spun around, and bent over to my face. He kissed me and cum spilled from his mouth into mine. Then she spun around and shared cum with me, too. They shared cum with each other, some of it dripping down on my face.

They sat back and looked down at me.

“Did you paddle her?” She asked.

I was breathing deeply, still trying to relax and figure out how all this happened. Wasn’t I supposed to be at work by now?

“He’s not answering,” I heard him say.

They both tickled me. My stomach, my ribs, my legs, and my feet where tickled. I thrashed about, laughed, gasped, and cried for what seemed like hours.

“Did you paddle her?” He asked. They stopped and waited me to answer.

“N-n-no-o-o…” I gasped. “P-please let me g-go…” I begged.

She got up, but I didn’t follow where she went. I could only imagine what she was getting out of the damned bag. She was probably going hook me up to electrodes and a car battery. Instead, she came back with towels and they both padded me gently down. I realized, then, how soaked I was in my own sweat…and theirs.

“Did you fist her?” She asked as they dried me down.

“Almost.” I answered.

“Almost?” she asked.

“Only four fingers.”

They tossed the towels aside and she straddled me, stroking my cock. He straddled me also, facing me, with his cock hard above my face. He was smiling as he ran his cock head across my mouth. I couldn’t resist opening my mouth and licking his head. I licked around his corona and along his shaft. He pushed his cock head between my lips and I clamped down with them, sucking his head. He rocked gently and I rocked my head back and forth, sucking his cock.

She slid her pussy around my cock and I gasped at the warm wetness of her inside. She slid down my shaft to my hips and rode me slowly, loosing herself in her own pleasure. This went on for a long time; he was fucking my face and she was fucking my cock. I must have been too well spent because I couldn’t cum. They did, though. My mouth filled with his juice and I swallowed some. She cried out as she came around my, soaking my balls. I could see that she was hugging him as they both came.

Then, they switched places.

She straddled my face and I found myself staring into her hot, wet pussy, which dripped juice on my lips. She came down on my face and I got a mouthful of clit. Instinctively, I began licking and sucking. My tongue licked up and down her pussy as she slid up and down my face. Several times I found myself licking her asshole, my tongue pressing to get in.

“Have you ever fucked a man?” I heard him ask.

I couldn’t answer, though, but he straddled me and slowly took my cock up his tight ass. He slowly slid all the way down my shaft until he was sitting on my hips. He rode my cock slowly, while gently tickling my belly, as she forced me to eat her out. I could hear them, and feel them leaning to kiss each other. I shot up his ass. He slid as fast as he was comfortable and milked my cock. They didn’t let up until I was struggling to get away from the intensity of his cock-milking ass.

They got off the bed and toweled each other down. Then they toweled me again, releasing me of my bindings, and toweled down my back, too. They dressed themselves while I lay on the bed, eyes closed.

“Get dressed,” I heard him say. “We’re through with you.”

“Stay in town,” She added. “We may have further questions to ask you.”

I dressed as they watched. I asked them questions about who they were, why they would do this, and accused them of kidnapping. They didn’t answer but to tell me to hurry up and dress. Looking at my watch, I cursed at being three hours late for work. Luckily for me, it was voluntary overtime. I didn’t need to be there. I decided to go home, shower, and go back to bed.

Outside, I took note of the house, their car, and a better look at them. They didn’t stick around, though, and sped off quickly.

Sitting in the car, I was pissed that this happened…and hoped I would again meet the detectives of vice. Maybe I could turn the tables on them.


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