I Dream of Genie  

rm_varr_61 56M
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8/14/2006 4:55 pm
I Dream of Genie

Genie, genie in your bottle,
Grant me one wish. Hurry, full throttle!
A lady beautiful I do seek,
With hair long, black and sleek.
My height she doth stand,
and titties fit can in my hand.
Her waist is slender and petite,
And her fanny...O what a seat!
Now listen, genie, my dear,
For what comes next must be made clear.
Take back all that I ask if need be,
For what matters most is her personality.
She be loving, gentle and kind,
Tis the good in others she doth find.
Jealousy and anger lurk not in her heart,
Peace and love she doth start.
And now, O talented genie, allow me to be selfish
And then we'll see an end to this long wish.
Upon her shelf are many a great book,
Most important she reread are Tantric Sex and The
Healthy Cook.
This wish I do end with a plee,
If she already be near, open my eyes! Let me see!

© Varr61

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