The First Anal  

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6/3/2006 7:11 pm
The First Anal

I can remember my first anal experience. It was with Dave, the first of several anal experiences we would have.

I'd met Dave in the now defunct MSN chatrooms. We both were bi and shared a common locale. We had quickly met up and had an encounter at my house (an encounter destined to be shared in another post) and decided to get together again, but more prepared this time.

I was very curious about getting fucked by another man, and I expressed this to him... something he was more than happy to oblige.

On this Saturday, Dave made his way over at the pre-organized time and we exchanged some small talk before making our way to the living room, where the TV was already on. We sat very close, with his hand on my thigh and mine on his. My hand quickly wandered over his khaki's to his bulge, which I began to massage. His hand also made it's way over to my package, and I could feel his hand massage my semi-erect cock through my pants.

Our faces turned to each other and we began to kiss. I always remembered that Dave was a far better kisser than my first experience. His five o'clock shadow rubbed briskly against my face as his soft lips caressed mine. Our tongues lashed softly as we groped each other's cocks through our clothes.

I've always had a big oral fetish, so it didn't take long for me to really want to taste his cock again. As he sat on my sofa, I knelt down in front of him and undid his zipper and hiked his khaki's down around his ankles. He accommodated me by sliding down slightly, providing me better access to his fine member.

I immediately began to suck on it. I remember how pronounced the head felt in my mouth as I brought it out past my lips and into the open air. His cock was very similar to my first, however, Dave was really nicely shaven. I coated his hard on in my saliva before teasing his balls with my lips and tongue. The masculine scent of his balls and ass was enthralling. I sucked on his shaved balls, drawing one into my mouth and joyfully playing with it with my tongue as my hand continued to stroke his slick shaft. I drew his balls one by one into my mouth, enjoying both of them and their salty flavor.

His hand rested on my head and his breathing grew deep while echoing moans every now and then. I continued to blow him, his hard shaft sliding deep into my mouth and passing past my lips. My own hard on was becoming torture.

Soon, the urge became unbearable. I lifted my head and with a mixture of my saliva and his precum on my lips I said, "I want you to fuck me now."

We decided that the living room wouldn't be overly comfortable, so we made our way upstairs to the comfort of my queen sized bed. We both laid down and began to kiss some more. He was on top of me and I began to undo his pants for the second time, freeing his hard cock that I'd given so much attention to only minutes before. I began to stroke it as we kissed. I quickly peeled his shirt off, leaving him completely naked; his tanned, hairy chest now exposed. He quickly undressed me as well and we laid together, him on top of me with our stiff dicks pressing against each other's abdomens as we continued to swap spit.

Pretty soon, I could hold out no longer.

"I need you to fuck my ass," I said to Dave. I was so insanely curious about it that I felt if we didn't do it now, I'd explode.

He agreed and gently flipped me over, onto my knees. My heart pounded in my chest in anticipation with some nervousness. I could hear him tear open a condom wrapper and unroll it over his cock and a moment later could feel his hand press cool lubricant against my ass. He massaged my asshole gently with the lubricant for a while before I felt his hand leave; replaced by the tip of his hard on.

I was nervous. Having read about anal sex in pornos (which always painted it in such an enjoyable light) and in some more self-help style books (which always took a more precarious outlook on anal sex), I felt somewhat ready for what was about to happen, yet aprehensive with regard to the unknown.

I felt the head of his cock begin to press harder and harder against my unyielding asshole. Quickly, his stiff dick pierced my ass and, instead of the pleasure I anticipated, a felt a stabbing pain shoot up through my insides, crippling me. Whatever I uttered at this point was completely unintelligible, I'm sure. He quickly pulled out of me, allowing me to collapse on the bed to recover from the shock.

Moments later, I regained my composure and rose to my knees again. I was determined let Dave fuck my ass. He asked me if I was ok, and I responded with what probably sounded like an uncertain 'yes'. I felt his cock press against my ass again and he said to me, "Ok, this time, you control it."

I pushed my ass against his cock and it met with some resistance, until the point where his hard-on slid into me. This time, there was no pain as I felt his thick cock stretch out my asshole. It felt strange, but good. He slowly started to fuck me, his stiff cock gliding in and out of my virgin ass. I felt his hands grip my hips as he slowly pumped me. I began to feel a pleasure I'd never felt before. After gauging that I was actually enjoying what he was doing to me, he began to fuck me a little faster. I could feel his legs hit the backs of my legs and his abdomen hit my asscheeks as his meat split my ass over and over. Soon, I was groaning out "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" to the rhythm of his dick entering me. I completely zoned out, losing myself in the sex; the pleasure that this man was giving me. I could hear Dave groaning with each thrust, his cock being repeatedly buried in my ass.

I completely lost track of the time and he pulled out. With a heavy breathed, quiet voice he said, "Let's try something else." He motioned for me to lay on my back and I did so, with my knees up and feet on the bed. He grabbed the backs of my thighs in his hands and lifted them up, raising my feet off the bed and exposing my worked in ass. Realizing what he was doing, I helped him by trying to raise my ass up for better access. His cock slid into me easily as he locked his elbows against the backs of my knees, pinning me completely exposed. He fucked my ass deeply now and soon he was pounding me into delirium. His body slapping against mine, my hard cock bobbing in the open air, pointing directly at my face.

Gutteral, primal moans were all I could manage by now. He was fucking the hell out of me and I loved it.

Again, I'd lost all track of time. He fucked me that way for what seemed like an eternity, but realistically, it was probably only 7-10 minutes. He pulled out again and slowly flipped me over. I was his fuck-toy and I did whatever he wanted me to do. He again started to fuck me from behind, his raging dick quickly and easily sliding into my ass. He began to pound me again and then he stopped. "Do you want me to cum inside or outside?" he courteously asked me.

"Cum in my ass," I managed. I knew he was wearing a condom, so I wasn't worried.

Very shortly after that, his furious pumping slowed and I could feel his cock pulse and he shot off. He slowly pumped to the rhythm of his orgasm, holding a tight grip on my hips. His right hand briefly left my hip to slide up and down my back before finally resting back on my hip.

Dave finally breathed a heavy sigh of relief as he pulled out of my ass. I flopped over onto the other half of the bed, exhausted. While I laid there, Dave disposed of the condom and began to stroke my cock. As turned on as I was, it took only a minute or two for me to shoot a hot load of cum onto my stomach. I laid there completely spent; speechless.

Dave asked, "So how was that?"

I wasn't able to speak. I forced out something that almost sounded like a word, but was more of a sharp exhale.

"Having trouble believing that you just got fucked on your bed?" he joked. His statement was somewhat true, but for the most part... I was still reeling. I'd never done anything like this before and it was one of the best sexual experiences I'd ever had; possibly the best. We laid there for about 15 minutes completely naked, holding each others spent dicks in our hands; talking.

Eventually Dave indicated that he should go, so we got dressed and I walked him to the door. Before I opened the door for him, we exchanged phone numbers and then shared one last kiss. He departed immediately afterwards, but it wouldn't be the last time we'd meet up.

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