Mothers Day  

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5/15/2006 2:54 am

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Mothers Day

Today was mothers day and I spent time with my mother like a good son should. I should spend more time with her than I do and help her more than I do she is so good to me. I can still ask her for things that I need at times and she does not judge me when I make mistakes. She only lives 3 miles from me and yet I can go weeks without seeing her. I am such a shit and I could blame this on my wife and kids but that is not fair, my wife and mother do not get along well never did and never will.

My mother is becoming a problem she is 78 now and can not remember anything anymore, she functions very well day to day it seems but will forget meetings, loose keys or purse. She has not lost the kids yet but sometimes I wonder if I should let them go with grandma.

Mom last week checked the oil on her lawnmower and put more oil in it filled it right up to the top. That lawnmower will not work again at least I cant fix it. Was time for a new mower anyway but think I will need to send son over to mow lawn more often and try to keep better eye on grandma.

She has problems with VCR who doesn't, she gave up on the cell phone she could not remember that you need to turn the phone on for it to work. I am afraid very soon I will need to stop her from driving she seems ok for the most part but I will not let her drive at night anymore.

I need to sit down and talk to her and get her to doctor to see if they can help but I keep putting this off it scares the hell out of me. I don't know how many times my mother took me to the doctor for something stupid I did to hurt myself.

Anyone out there have any advice I don't think it is Alzheimer's I just think it's old age and that scares me to because my memory not so good.

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