Windows By the Sea  

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Windows By the Sea

Papy, this was written years ago, somewhere south of you.
Sometimes you just don't know where something is going to lead you... and how you feel about it when you get there. But to miss out on the journey would be akin to being a sin.

Windows By The Sea

It's quiet up here tonight.
I guess everyone is down
on the beach
doing whatever it is
lover's do on beaches.
I can hear
the waves breaking
over the sand,
and I remember
the times I walked on strange, foreign beaches
wondering if anyone knew
I was there.

The waves of the Med
are different from the Atlantic.
They tenderly touch the sand
with soft caresses.
She seems to understand
the need a man has,
as she soothes him
with peacefulness.

I've been many places
and I've seen more than most.
I've learned something from those journeys...
a man is only a reflection
in someone else's mind.
He exists only
when he's known
by others.

It doesn't matter
how far you've been
or how long you were gone;
when someone enters your world,
even for a moment,
all the time
and miles
were worth it.

I can still hear
the oceans soft voice,
and at times I long
for her touch;
but not just now.

For right now,
I'm happy sitting above her
in my darkened room,
waiting for the sun,
... and you,
to wake up and hold me
in gentle arms.

(copyright under unlistedone's real name)

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