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6/15/2006 9:45 pm

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It's almost a curse , you know.
To write out all of your
personal thoughts
and feelings...
for all to see,
and judge...
to either
to understand...

Laid bare...
no protection.

It's just the words
I may write
to you...
about you...
for you...
may mean so much
to me...
only to be
completely missed
by you...
because you were too tired
at the moment
of reading...
your mind was elsewhere,
just as you passed
through the verse
that was key
to everything
I wanted you
to know.

Or even worse...
to have you read
and understand them...
and not
feel the same
as I do.

No matter...
the words keep coming.
They have a life
of their own.
They have meaning.
Not only to me...
but to the others
who read them.

I want you to see,
and feel,
and wonder...
and understand,
and question...
and believe,
and worry,
and know what it's like
to be touched,
and to touch...
to love,
and to be loved...
to enjoy the freedom
of the sunshine...
and the freshness
of the air
I breathe...
to walk
where I've walked,
to see the ocean
through my eyes...
or the stars
I look upon...
and feel
the breeze
that moves silently
the trees
and grass,
and touches
my face...
to see
the mountaintops...
and the view
from there
at sunrise,
and at sunset...
to understand
seeing the lone figure
walking silently,
or sitting on the park bench...
to be that person
or the one
who sees them...
just what it's like
to spy you
from my window's spy view...
to turn and see you
lost in sleep...
and to know
that in just a few more hours
we'll make love
each other

To start with
just a
or a thought...
or to hear
a phrase in passing...
and allow
those things
to spark
what I feel
for you
at the moment...
and let them
come to life
for you
to see...
in my thoughts.

To hear the ocean
at her most
furious times...
to see and feel
her at her
most majestic...
and know her
as I know her
and be
in awe of
her beauty...
and how she
my soul...
and gives me
and faith...
To hear
the softness
of a mountain stream.
To smell
your perfume...
and know
how intoxicating
it is to me.

To feel
the softness
of fresh sheets,
satin sometimes...
but not always.
No matter,
they don't compare
to the feeling
of your skin
next to mine.

I want you
to understand
just what your
does for my day,
and how
a look from
gives me
a warm, easy, moment
that can
carry me
through the rest
of my waking hours...
and into my dreams.

To see a rose,
yellow or red...
and understand
how much
I love the fact
that you love them.
To smell
in a field...
the clean smell
of your hair
next to my face.

I want you to
everything I feel
as I write
them for you.

I want you to know
that I' m just me...
just a man
wants you
to enjoy your
and your life
to your fullest.
And if I can
make that better
and richer
with my words...
then I can't
ask for anything more.

Sometimes it's a curse
for me to bare myself to you...
through my words...
my verses...
my poems...
my life.

I wouldn't want it
any other way.

© copyright unlistedone 2006

angelofmercy5 60F
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6/16/2006 3:53 am

I wouldn't want it any other way either. 143

rm_mm0206 70F
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6/16/2006 7:00 pm

Do you have an older brother?

.. you are so beautiful.

She is such a lucky lucky Lady...

tender hugs

rm_unlistedone 66M
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6/16/2006 9:34 pm

Bug... Thank you so much for "your" words. Yes, I'm very aware that each person takes away with them a feeling or a thought that matches how the words makes them feel. I try very hard to "paint" pictures with my poetry. I don't want them just read... I want them to be seen... and felt.

I tried in this particular poem to tell everyone how I write. (Probably didn't do a very good job of it.) And as usual, as this one was being written... it took it's own avenue in where it wanted to go. I didn't fight it or force it to go where I intended it... I never do.

I'm glad you found out about 143. It's pretty special to me... and now, obviously... to many others here in blogland. And that's the way I think it should be. For too many years I kept it to myself, deep inside. The whole story of 143 is here,143 Believe In It I still do if you want to read it. Thanks, and hug, me

Angel... 143, backatcha!
Fly...you are so very right. Wouldn't it be nice to know everything we said or did, would be understood the way we intended? 143, my very special pal...
m.... lol! Actually, I do! And though he is a very talented person, and has several things published... he doesn't create anymore. Sad too, I really like some of his work.

This kind of reminds me of when I was back in high school, and a girl would ask me about my "big" brother! I understood... but it broke my heart. lol! hug, me

rm_mm0206 70F
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6/17/2006 7:39 am

well I said that knowing that you are not looking... he must be a very special man ... as you are.

HBowt2 60F

6/19/2006 12:07 pm

I feel as though I have walked beside you...thank you...

rm_unlistedone 66M
2718 posts
6/20/2006 6:16 am

I may enjoy blogland, and love all my friends here, but alas, I'm not a saint... I still look, and feel, and want, and need, and... well... you understand. (Or at least, I hope you do.)
He is a pretty special man. I love him and I'm always proud of him. As for me, well... thank you for such a lovely compliment. I think you're pretty special yourself. hug, me

You are most welcome to walk beside me anytime. You can put your arm through mine... wrap it around my waist... hold my hand... or just walk, and talk, (or not)... and enjoy the same view I see. hug, to my kind and sweet lady, me

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