I'll take a chance....3 questions  

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7/23/2005 12:01 am

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I'll take a chance....3 questions

I'll take the chance so many here have taken. I'm not sure exactly why I'm doing this; but I'll try and be as honest as I can with my answers. The three questions thing. Ask them, and I'll try and answer.

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7/23/2005 11:41 pm

1- Polly, I actually started writing seriously when I was seventeen... though the earliest was when I was in the sixth grade. It was a report using the spelling words for the week. I don't remember exactly what I wrote. It had something to do with coming out of a dark cave, following a bright light, and ending at the cross of Jesus Christ. (It was close to Easter.) It must have made an impression on my teacher, because she showed it to all the teachers and the principal. I remember one saying that I had a future in writing.

Why did I start? Good question. When I started writing poetry, I realized it was the easiest way for me to convey my thoughts and my feelings. I was a "jock" in high school. Played all sports. "Voted most talented" in my senior class. I took some kidding about my writing from some of the guys. But for the most part, everyone liked what I wrote. The words seemed to just come to me very easily.

2- No, I have no plans to post an album at this time.

3- The most romantic thing I ever did? Wow, hard question. What I considered at times romantic, didn't always seem to be that way to others. And what I considered doing something just nice turned out to be very romantic. (I guess that was the "dumb jock" mentality still in me! LOL!)
I once drove eleven straight hours to give a single yellow rose to someone I cared for very much and to wish her a Happy Birthday. Just to have to turn around two hours later and go back. I used to take dates to the Biltmore Estates here in the mountains of North Carolina. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit it, the gardens there have almost every flower in the world. (They have hot houses there, too.) It was always a "special date" being there. It has a place I'm sure on the internet. Check it out sometime. The view of the bridge in the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" was filmed there just below the gardens.
A breakfast picnic hike up to the top of a mountain to see the sun rise was a good one, I think. Though a cold walk up, the sun, the coffee and croissants, and the view was spectacular.

I like doing the small things. The everyday things. Things that don't seem like much; but they add up, I guess. A small touch in passing. A note left here and there to say "I love you" or just "have a wonderful day... I'm thinking about you." Those types of things. Something that would make you smile... and feel warm.

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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7/24/2005 2:59 am

1)What are your hopes?
2)What are your dreams?
3)Are you published? and if not why not? (or is that 4 ?'s )

(Your writing is Very Special and would be Simply Adored by many - imho lol L

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/25/2005 12:57 am

I have to admit, I've read your questions, turned away, came back, turned away, and came back again. I've done this several times, LL. Tough questions.

Okay, number three (and 4) first.
Am I published? And if not why not?

First, thank you for thinking my poetry is very special and would be adored by many. That is enough to turn any writer's head.
No, you will not find any of my works in any books in your local library or book store.
The main reason for that is I never totally thought that they could get published. I'm not Rod McKuen. I don't have the decipline to go at it full time, or make it a career.
There was a time when I did consider it. But, too many things happened in my life that caused me to pursue other avenues. I have another career that is very demanding of time, and energy. (Seventy and Eighty hour work weeks are not uncommon.) And I've been at it ever since I finished my military obligations in the mid 70's. To say exactly what that career is would be saying too much in this place. It isn't exactly your typical job. And it is a career I never really have to retire... as long as I'm phyically able to handle the demands of the job.
So, poetry took a back seat. I enjoy it, and I'm humbled when someone tells me they enjoy something I've written.

2- What are your dreams?
They vary, I guess.
Sure, I have all the dreams that a father has for his kids. Help them to grow up to be who they want to be.
To be successful in your profession.
To achieve some level of satisfaction in all that you do.
To have a happy and stable homelife.
These dreams are all givens, I think. Who doesn't want all that? But I have the feeling you are asking more than that. Is that correct?
I would like to be thought of as an honest, caring person who never walked away from anyone or anything for any reason. Someone who could always be counted on when needed. Is that a dream? I'm not sure. So far, with very few exceptions in my life, I've achieved this.
Am I living my dream? Almost. I would have liked to have taken my profession to a whole other level; but physically, I'm not able to do that. There are some regrets there.
I don't crave the glory, the money, or the worldwide adoration it would have afforded me. That would have taken care of itself. It goes deeper than that. The self gratification that "I'm good enough to compete with the best of the best." (And at one time, I probably could have.) Who knows... it might still happen. Never say Never, as a friend keeps reminding me.

And 1- What are my hopes? I think, like many, I tie them into my dreams. It's hard to have one without the other.
For my poetry, my hopes are the words will make you think... and remember. To tell something of myself to let someone else know they aren't alone in their life and thoughts. If they make you learn something about yourself, laugh, or smile; sigh, or even shed a tear... then the words did what I intended them to do. If they caused you to reflect back and remember a memory that may have been soft and warm... they achieved what I wanted them to do. I want everyone who reads my poems to come away with something that isn't me; but something they may have forgotten that was with them all along. I'm just the vehicle that helped them get back to those thoughts... those memories.
Just as a thought, reading my poetry here in this blog really doesn't quite work. It's hard to feel the tones. Where I intended the reader to pause, or take a breathe is impossible to do here. And you can't hear them in your mind as I intended you to hear them. My voice is a tenor. I speak quietly... slowly at times. I want to make sure you understand what I'm inferring at times in my poetry. The song "Rainy Night in Georgia" by Brooke Benton may be a good tone for my poetry. (Just thought I'd throw that in so you would know.)
LL, I'm not sure I answered your questions in the manner you wanted. Let me know if I need to clarify anything for you. And personally, thank you for being you, and taking interest in me. That is such a huge compliment. I don't take it lightly. Unlised One

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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7/25/2005 3:56 am

Unlised One
Besides a natural curiosity..............
about what your profession is
(and I want to say here it is not important that I know)..................
You have answered my questions as only you could, and that is all I expected...
I think I can say I love you for who you are and how you put your words together and how you think....... I love your intention to make others feel good....... your intention to help others remember the good times in their lives........ just thank you........ for being you...........

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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7/25/2005 2:10 pm

so many questions, so few wordz...

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/26/2005 2:24 am

Lovely, thank you for those kind thoughts. Yes, my intentions are almost always geared to helping others feel good. It really pulls at me when I can't make someone feel good about something... anything. Especially when they are going through a bad time. Or a time when they just need a smile or a shoulder to rest upon.
I rather imagine you are the same way. It's in almost every thought you share in your blog. Keep being that way. I truly enjoy that about you.
Okay, you caught the goof... "unlised" Lol...can't even spell my own name. Soft, warm hug to you, unlisted

papyrina 52F
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7/27/2005 1:43 pm

what is the kindest thing someone has done for you.
what is the kindest thing you have done for someone.
what are your future aspirations

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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7/27/2005 3:30 pm

I just wasn't sure about the name change....... lol {=}
Long, soft, warm hug back to you,

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/27/2005 11:55 pm

LL, thanks for the hug. Those are really needed right now. But then, I always love a soft, warm hug. Ever notice, one can give another a kiss without receiving a kiss back. But rarely can one hug another without it being returned by the other.

Papy, so nice to have you stop by. I'm a "big fan" of yours. I so enjoy your blog. Good questions. I'll try to answer, though one of your questions is a little embarrassing to me. I don't like to "blow my own horn," and it may require me to tell a tale about me that I usually don't let out.
Third question first... the easier of the three.
"What are my future aspirations?"
At my age, if I haven't already achieved most of what I have aspired to do, then the chances of doing more is getting more and more slim by the day. I would like to continue to write more. I have three books that I am currently working to finish. Yes, one is poetry.(It's kinda like my child.) The other is a novel. And the other relates to my profession. I have no aspiration of ever retiring. I can't imagine myself doing that.
1- "What is the kindess thing someone has done for me?" Besides, my mother giving me birth, and my wife having my children. I hold those two above everything, and so, I won't count them in this.
One of the last gifts my father gave me before he died, was a necklace. Nothing fancy. Probably didn't cost an extreme amount of money. But a beautiful gold necklace anyway. Before his funeral, while I was looking at him in his coffin saying my last farewell to his physical body, I placed the necklace in his hand. (What was given to me in love, I was giving back to him.) I didn't think any more about it. Five years later, my mom and two brothers gave it back to me as a Christmas present. To say it was an emotional moment is to belittle it. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. I can still remember the silence as I opened it. Since that day, I have never taken it off my neck. I wear it in his memory and theirs.

2- "What is the kindess thing I have ever done?"
Papy, you do ask the tough ones, don't you? Okay, here's a little one.
I was in a resturant one evening with a few friends. A group of about fifteen little kids with two teachers came in to get some ice cream. The kids, all about four or five, were very excited. One in particular, was very vocal about wanting a "chocolate sundae." When the teacher asked how much the sundaes were, she quickly realized it would be too much for her to afford. She finally had to order a single scoop of vanilla for all. When the one child heard this was to be the order, he began crying. Not loudly, just the type of cry that showed their true disappointment. By now, the teacher was holding that child in her lap trying to make him feel better. The waitress who had been waiting on them came over to us to give us our bill. I asked her, if she would, to go back and change all the children's order to the best chocolate sundaes they could make, and to bring me the bill, without the teachers knowledge. Papy, I wish you could have seen the looks on those kids faces when they brought them out. It was truly priceless. Especially the one who had been crying. As we were leaving, the teacher was trying to explain she couldn't afford this. That's when the waitress told her it had already been paid. The teacher caught my eye just as I was walking out the door. I think she knew it was me at that moment.
Kind acts without any thought of receiving something back in return is kind of a favorite of mine. Just doing something because it needs or should be done is something I try and always do, if I can. It just makes you feel good. I like the feeling. No, I love the feeling. That feeling is my payment back.
Now that I've embarrassed myself for telling the story, I'll go quietly back to my blogland room. Thank you papy, for stopping by. I am honored by your visit. Have a wonderful day, up on your roof, in your beautiful city.

rm_bella_ 49F
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7/28/2005 3:10 pm

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
2. What cologne do you wear?
3. What is the last thing you think about before you close your eyes at night?

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/28/2005 8:22 pm

You're welcome, polly. I am always glad to see your posts. And I'm glad you enjoyed reading the others, also. I would thoroughly enjoy sitting in your house and enjoy the breeze that passes through it. What a paradise it must be. Please don't be a stranger.

Bella, a pleasant surprise. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
1- My favorite ice cream.
If it's homemade, it has to be chocolate! I admit it. It is just too hard to resist. But, if it isn't homemade, then I have to go with orange-pineapple sherbert. Or lemon sherbert. Perhaps I should count butter pecan, also. The italian ice cream, that's great, too! Wait a minute, anything Ben & Jerry makes is pretty damn good! Of course, Bryer's Vanilla is fabulous. Oh well, that's probably why I find it hard to stay on my diet! I love them all. Honestly, I've been pretty good about keeping them at arms length.
2- My cologne.
I wear Lagerfeld. I think I spelled it correctly. I don't wear it very often though. And to tell the truth, they changed the scent a few years ago, and the newer version doesn't smell the way the older version did... at least on me. I dislike a cologne that is overpowering. I think it really should be subtle.
3- The last thing I think about before closing my eyes? Good question, bella. It varies. Anything from work, things read here in blogland, certain normal concerns we all have, friends, family, the people here, or memories of past times. The agenda is wide open. Some nights, when I do sleep, I tell myself before sleeping just to relax and catch a few hours. I never use an alarm clock, except when I travel. I usually wake up at the time I need to get up. I'm not one that needs much sleep. I've found that I can function pretty well even if I just sit and read. It lets my body relax and catch up getting the rest it needs.
Thanks for the questions, bella. You are one of the people here that is on my mind. To be honest with you, I wish there was a way I could reach out to you and help you. It's hard knowing someone has problems. Just know there are so many here that truly have nothing but good thoughts for you. I'm here if you need a kind ear, an easy word or two, a hug, or just a shoulder. They're pretty broad. Anytime... okay? Okay. Enough of that. Perhaps you might read something here that might make you smile. I rather imagine a smiling bella would light up any room she was in!
A warm hug for you, Unlisted

papyrina 52F
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7/29/2005 2:42 pm

what a wonderful story thankyou for sharing

And please no honor about me visiting,i enjoy your blog,yep i'm not a poem person some are too deep for me to even try and understandi try and visit everyone but there are so many good ones i struggle lol,

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/30/2005 2:12 am

Papy, it's still an honor. I do enjoy your blog. I imagine the view from your rooftop, and I envy you. Come by anytime.


I knew that at some point in time, not only would you ask the questions, but you would ask a couple of tough ones. And that's okay. That's what this is all about, isn't it? So, being that you are always honest, open, and never pull any punches, neither will I. But then, I always try and be the same way. Why be something or say something that isn't true?

3- If I could anywhere, where would it be? Excellent! I've been fortunate to have seen some of this world. I would love to see it all. But, I doubt if I ever get around to seeing it all. I've mentioned Palma, Spain on your blog. I do love that city. It's a vacation ground for most of Europe. Most waiters speak seven languages just to keep up with their customers. A city mixed with the old and the new. That would be my number two choice.
But, if truth be known, I think I will move to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. There is a beautiful house behind number 12 green on Harbor Towne Golf Links. That would be the spot, I think. If you have ever walked under the Live Oak trees there, you would understand why I picked this place. I absolutely love those trees. It's takes them hundreds of years to grow. They get twisted and turned through the years of hurricanes and hard blows. The end result, a majestic tree that spreads huge, strong, twisted limbs out. I can walk under them and find so much peace.

2- Am I in love right now?
Yes. (I thought about just ending this here; but since you are the one asking, I feel compelled to continue.) So, yes, I am in love right now. And no, I'm not in love with anyone here. I have found some great people here and under the right circumstances, something might develop... but that's cyber. Not reality. Or is there a difference; considering that if I am being open and honest, that it also carries my true emotions here. And I do show my true emotions here? Absolutely!! I feel I must.
Part of me being here in the first place, was seeking out something I've lost in the real world. I have found a lot of it here in the blogs. Everything I write here is me. Just me. Like you, I pull no punches. And that means I won't pull any punches with myself, either.
I no longer consider myself someone who is looking for a "sexual adventure." Though, I've had them, (and truthfully, I know me well enough to know I may well have another again, someday) I really don't care for one night stands. I'm not a saint mind you. It's just that there is a sort of release here in the blogs that is rather theraputic in it's very nature. And that is where my head is at right now. This may be understood a little more when I finally answer your first, and the last of your questions.

3- Does your wife know you are on this site?
I doubt it. She wouldn't even consider coming to this site. It's sad too, for I would really like to share this blogland with her. But then, I would love to be able to share many things with her, that we no longer share. I'm NOT going to bore you with the old lines of "we don't do anything together anymore" or "she doesn't understand where I'm at" (headwise). We have a love for each other. But it is a love that lacks a lot of the things we once shared. People change mentally and physically. That process can't be avoided. Sometimes though, in the changing, one changes in one direction and the other changes in another. Sad, but true. I've tried to recapture some of what we are missing; believe me, I have... but that simply isn't where she is anymore. And I can respect her for it. I may not agree, and I truly miss our life that we once shared; but I won't impose it back on her just to satisfy my own.
So yes, I'm a married man, here on this site, without her knowledge. Does that make me evil or bad? I'll let you judge. In the beginning here, I felt rather guilty. I don't any longer. I still have to lead a life. And over the years, I come to the recognition, I deserve to lead a life.
Thanks, huny, for asking me that question. It's a hard one to explain without getting into details. And one that needs to be openly explained. I haven't been very open about this about or to myself. It helps to put in down in black and white.
It would be nice if the whole world thought, acted, loved, and was as honest and open as you are. You can't believe how much I admire and respect you for who you are. Don't ever change. It is very nice to know that you are a friend. And friends are what I count my riches in.

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/30/2005 2:28 am

I've noticed that my answers to the questions are long... even to what cologne or ice cream I like. I thought about making them shorter; but to do that, it wouldn't give the full answer to your questions. So forgive me my longwindedness. (Is that a word? It should be, if it isn't.) I figure if you ask the question, you deserve my best and most honest answer.

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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7/30/2005 6:28 am

There is nothing wrong with your answers being long. You need to say what you want to say, to convey the meaning you want us to understand. And that dear one, is why we are here........ lol LL alias CW xxxoxxx

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/30/2005 6:19 pm

Ahh, LL. you were missed for the last two and a half days. lol...(lost our lovelady) Glad you're back.

rm_unlistedone 67M
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7/30/2005 11:39 pm

Polly, I will start thinking of a few.
To tell you the truth, I have been forced to tell all and it has been kinda hard to do. I've been surprised by that. It's kinda like the feeling you have when with trusted friends, you reveal something about yourself they don't know. And after you reveal it, you wait for the reaction on pins and needles; hoping they will accept and understand. And you guys are friends... the ones I communicate regularly here on the blog.

rm_lovelyLady 65F
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7/31/2005 12:53 am

unlistedone thanks for the kind words and thoughts
Because of the special individual you are - you always make me feel special too...... You really know how to make others glow........ It makes me feel so good to know you care....

lol LL

rm_unlistedone 67M
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8/1/2005 1:06 am

That's because you are special, LL. Anyone reading your blog will see it, also. I just feel very privilaged that you think so much for me. (He said with a smile, ((that half smile, that Steve McQueen had)) that just can't be taken off his face!)

rm_unlistedone 67M
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8/2/2005 7:43 pm

I try to be huny. You are the same way. What good are things if you aren't?

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