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Poetry by unique63357

Crazy Annie

She wasn’t really beautiful but still men stopped to look.
She had a certain something, irresistible and charming.
A gleam that shone from deep within, a soul of purest gold,
A tattered mind, a checkered past, a heart that had been broken.
A total change of everything upon the slightest whim,
A free and gentle spirit, unpredictable, disarming.
She took me in and gave me hope when I was destitute,
A helping hand, a freely offered gesture of affection.
She told me once the difference between normal and insane,
Speaking from experience, institutional in nature.
“Everybody has the urge to scream naked down the street,
A crazy person does it, where most folks reconsider”
I was not her only lover, not even at the time,
I knew of two, both friends of mine, but there were surely others.
When later on we met again she had another partner,
But just for old time’s sake, we took yet another tumble.
Don’t get me wrong, I find no fault in her infatuations.
I’m grateful for the time we had with no recriminations.
I made to her a promise that I still intend on keeping.
I told her if I ever heard that she was recommitted,
That I would find some way to free her from captivity.
So Annie if you’re in there and you should read these lines,
Just get in touch, I’ve not forgot the kindness that you showed me.


The moon is like a woman,
Ever changing, waxing, waning,
Sometimes bright and merry,
Sometimes dark and gloomy,
Mysterious, exotic.

The sun is male in nature,
Fiercely burning, glowing, searing,
Sometimes weak and distant,
At times too strong for comfort,
Opinionated, macho.

The firmament their bedroom,
Seldom mingling, always circling,
On occasion spying,
Each other ‘cross the room,
Suspiciously intrigued.

Only very rarely,
When the stars align correctly,
She will climb upon him,
Gently she will take him,
Occluding all from view.

The earth their favored offspring,
When she’s craving their attention,
Runs right in-between them,
Hides her mother’s blushing,
Sweet face from father’s glare.

As witnesses we ponder,
When idle moments do arise,
How such things come to pass,
How energy and mass,
Such wondrous things prepare.

Food For Thought

Would you think me rather crude,
And perhaps a little rude,
Should I discuss elimination?
It is something we all do,
But the subject is taboo,
And a tasteless violation.
When as children we must learn,
How to share and wait our turn,
There are rules and regulations.
But the first and foremost rule,
Long before we go to school,
Is polite evacuation.

Consider this my friend.
It’s a plain and simple fact,
That all good things must end,
And it is a finite tract.
Don’t you worry.
There’s no hurry.
Once you start you can’t turn back.

To survive we must ingest.
To enjoy we must repast.
Realize as we digest,
That even this shall pass.
Just one issue,
Check the tissue.
In the first place not the last.

Take a load off, have a seat.
Try to think of something sweet,
‘Cause the key is relaxation.
Let your cares go down the drain.
There’s no stigma, there’s no stain.
Just give in to the sensation.
In the privy or the loo,
We must do what we must do,
In the name of sanitation.
Proper etiquette demands,
When you’ve finished wash your hands,
As decreed by legislation.


You live.
You learn.
Or you don’t live long.
You learn that death is a part of life.
And not a particularly pleasant part either.

You learn that love is a part of life.
And hate.
And lust.
And jealousy.
And greed.

You learn that disease is a part of life.
And injury.
And laughter.
And art.
And music.

You learn that sweat is a part of life.
And blood.
And tears.
And piss.
And cum.

You also learn to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.
And thrive.
And grieve.
And cope.
And feel.

You cannot know if there is anything beyond.
All you know is here and now.
It’s enough.
If you want it bad enough.
To reach.
And touch.
And give.
And believe.

Survival of the Oldest

The ladder slid,
The ladder fell,
The bike it had no brakes.
A car pulled out,
In front of him,
He swerved into my lane.
The Beetle steered,
Off to the side,
I followed in a daze.
I hit the brakes,
They hit the floor,
He flipped the blade and glared.

I bent my knees,
Upright I stayed,
And landed ‘tween the rungs.
I flipped myself,
And threw the bike,
And hit the ground a runnin’.
I hit the brake,
And jerked the wheel,
A doughnut in the ditch.
I followed blindly,
To the side,
The passing semi missed us.

I swerved and turned,
In front of traffic,
And circled ‘til I stopped.
I told him put,
The knife away,
To my surprise he did.
So keep your cool,
And don’t give up,
There’s always one more chance.
Just use your head,
Don’t lose your wits,
You can be a survivor.

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5/1/2006 10:00 am

I enjoyed your poetry...It was very nice.

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5/1/2006 12:38 pm

Thank you very much for you kind comment. Would you like to chat sometime?

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