first time ,simutanious oral orgasms  

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7/25/2005 5:36 pm

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first time ,simutanious oral orgasms

WOW! hi everyone,man I can't beleave what hapened to me 3 days ago! Well this is my story.
I met a girl 44 yrs old here at AdultFriendFinder, her profile said she was sexually fustrated with her husbands habit of never wanting to go down on her.He said it was to wet and sticky and flat out dirty!So she had been just doing without it although she carried a deep burning desire for it. Well as we continued to chat she gathered up the courage to meet me. She explained, to me that she was very shy and timid and was scared to follow thru with our meeting.
I ashored her we would have a very sweet sexual experence together and not to worry.
Well, we met at a cozy small country motel, she was shaking and trembling as we entered the room. I looked softly into her eyes and took her hand,as i gently ran my fingers slowly up and down her warm hands and fingers i beaconed her closer and whispered into her ear, to just relax and let her pent up sexual desires run rampant. I began to just kiss and nibble at her neck and cheek, softly kissing and licking her golden skin. I could feel her rather perky breasts begin to heave up and down and press into my thick pecs. I removed her blouse and pulled her skirt down below her ankles, she opened my pants and they dropped to the ground,i could feel her hands and fingers slip in behind my boxers as she squessed my ass. she ran her mouth and tongue down below my naval a took my cock in her hand, she looked up at me and asked please may i kiss and lick it? I said god baby girl yes! I expected the usual hard grip on my cock and quik fast in and out movements as her lips and mouth worked my cock, boy was i wrong! she proceeded to ever so slowly just run her lips and the tip of her tongue over and around my now swollen head of my cock, it was so light a pressure and so slow a movement that it was driving me crazy with antisapation, i looked at the clock and it said 3:17 i continued to watch her magically at a snails pace work my cock she bounced it off her nose she gently rubbed it up and down both her checks and she even ran it against her ears and into her hair! I was in heaven! she brought me ever so close to orgasm over and over ! I glanced at the clock and it was 4:00 my god! thats 40 minutes of this, I called her name softly and said please sweet baby. its your turn. she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide open. I said to myself man i'am going to do her like she did me! so i began, i so lightly licked and kissed her inner thighs and moved up and over her pulsating abdomen, i purpusly stayed away from her labia! for now,i was moving at a very slow deliberate pace,she moaned softly and her pussy began to drip, i used the very tip of my tongue to just slip past her labia and into her wetness! it was sweet very sweet as i ran my tongue up and down top to bottom and took her erect swollen clit in my mouth! she moaned loudly and arched her back and dreww up her legs and put her feet on to my shoulders and neck. i looked over at the clock now and it was 4:50, thats 50 minutes of slow teasing and countless orgasms from her! she mounted me 69 and started on my cock again as i opened up her legs and continued to lick her ever so slowly! now i began to lightly run my finger tips up and around her creamy soft outter thighs licking and still exploring every crack and crevise of her wet pussy!I now reached up around her outter thighs and wrapped my hands around both her thighs my 4 fingers on each hand covered her inner thighs and i slowly ran my finger tips up and down her legs and inttemittenly squessed her thighs with my hands, i could feel her body quiver and her pussy began to flow like a tickling stream it ran all down my checks and neck ,she began to buck and pushed up from the bed and arched her back and looked back at me and called my name and pleaded for more!as i licked her deeply, she took hold of my now near bursting nuts and squessed then gently so that she could feel them swell just before orgasm! we worked together and felt our bodies as one ! then at the very same time we both climaxed and came together! She squirted all over me and i filled her mouth with my warm cum! I want to see her again,! that was the best ever oral i ever had! she told me as we lay in bed that nobody ever slow licked her vigina like that! so remember people fast and quick is not the way

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5/10/2007 7:04 pm

Wow, I could imagine the whole scenario in my head and the feelings running through my body as I had to touch my very erect clit. Lucky girl you both turned me on. Damnfun47

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