Was it lust or love????  

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8/26/2005 6:45 pm

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Was it lust or love????


Ever have one of those missed opportunities that you will never find out that answer??????

There was a guy in my 8th grade speech class that I just loved (or was it just being lustful for) but never got the nerve up to talk to him much....and when he did talk to me, it made my day forever, but he never knew it because I got so very flustered (in my mind) when I did get to talk to him. So I sat diagonally behind him for a whole semester just dreaming about him....and throughout the rest of the year whenever I saw him in the halls.

He ended up not going to High School I attended... and I would ask around about him....but, no one seemed to know. They thought that he went to one of our rival high schools (half of our junior high school went to one high school; the other half went to the other); but, when I did see my friends from the other high school, they didn't recall him being there either.

Every now and then, I find myself looking for him on Classmates' website. He may have moved somewhere, but I have no idea where. It looks like 30 some odd years later, he is still unable to be found...and I am pretty good at skip traces -- or maybe, still after all of these years, I am sabotaging my own efforts to find him???

Oh, well.... guess he is just to remain a life mystery for me; after all, if we had all the answers, would there be anything that we could wonder about?????? Food for thought!!!


Do you have any memories of such people in your life???? Do you ever wish that you had expressed your feelings more????


rm_txrose4uNTX 58F
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8/26/2005 10:43 pm

lifeisablast333 - Yeah, I guess -- it does allow us to dream more.....

but, I always love the real thing!!!


lifeisablast333 55M

8/26/2005 9:48 pm

love is the best....but in a pinch...lust will do....lol

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