Transparent Folks???  

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9/28/2005 7:43 pm

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Transparent Folks???

Strange thing happend to me over the last couple of days. I stopped by my bank on Monday to make a much needed deposit in my bank account. As I was pulling out of the driveway of the bank, I noticed this man pushing a cart that looked a like Larry - you know? Dharma’s father on the Dharma and Greg show???? Excepting he was a lot tanner, a more healthier trimmer person, and the hair was a definate gray and well kept (albeit long). Too, the clothes on the man looked in good shape and I wondered about him and what his story was.

Well, today on the way home from my daytrip excursion in the country (and blown out tire, but that is a whole ‘nother story!)...

I was driving in the right hand lane of the westward bound of HWY 290 when I thought I saw something in my lane ahead of me, moving towards me–and, it didn’t look like a vehicle.

As I quickly approached this vision ahead of me, I had to swerve into the next lane to the left to avoid hitting him and his cart. As I was passing him up, I was seeing this very same man walking eastbound in the lane I had been driving in. I nearly ran off the highway myself envisioning and allowing my mind to wander as I wondered about the story behind this man.

I almost turned around, but I realized how totally exhausted I was and knew that I just needed to get home before I continued to run off of the highway. Sometimes, things are just meant to wonder about.

I imagine that he was one of the displaced, lost souls heading back home to somewhere along the Texas-Louisiana coastline...but, it was strange to me that I would encounter him not only once in this town where there are many transients who appear to be transparent people to the majority of the people in this town - but, I ran across him twice. Hmmmm....

There must be a story in here somewhere.....

What do you suppose it is???


rm_txrose4uNTX 59F
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10/1/2005 12:13 am

ProtonicMan - So very true.... Hopefully, there is a happy ending for this guy.

rm_txrose4uNTX 59F
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10/1/2005 12:12 am

ByteChaser2 - Thanks. I guess it is just a part of me...the ever inquiring mind wanting to know more.


ProtonicMan 49M

9/30/2005 7:46 pm

So you ran across him twice, and almost over him once?

I got a "Twilight Zone" kinda feel from this post.

I'm sure there is a story there. Actually, there are probably several, beginning with who he is, where he came from, why the guy on TV looks so much like him, where he is going, why you noticed him.


ByteChaser2 54M

9/29/2005 1:58 pm

I did a blog a while and a half back... I was blocked at the time and just rambling on and on about whatever popped into my head. And eventually "stumbled" into one of those transparent many from *way back when*... Toot-toot was what we called him cause he'd yell "TOOT-TOOT" back at those of us who'd give a honk of the horn passing him on the roads. That was [post 31524].

He sticks out mostly because of his very friendly and open manner (and his manners) and the fact that he was definitely not packing a full clip...

In retrospect though, I can vaguely remember quite a few transients growing up. An older guy with a skraggly mutt, a guy who'd skulk around the dock where the fishing boats offloaded their catch. A couple of men who'd take odd jobs down town...

They all had a story I expect. I'm guilty of it, but I wonder how many of us are like you and actually wonder what the story is... and how many of us just don't care enough to even ask...

Thanks Rose!

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