long days and old computers  

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8/4/2006 1:26 pm

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long days and old computers

ever had one of those days that just didn't end?
you dint get much sleep, have to get up early, then you have to work in the heat all day? yup that was my day. oh well, thats the way it goes some times. i just try to make the best of it.

I'm glad that i have long days every once in a while, i know you think I'm nuts, but if you dint have long days then the rest will all seem long.

any way on to better thing. i am probably using the slowest computer on this sight right now. (I'm a computer nerd) i am using a 300Mhz celeron, 96Mb ram, and a whopping 16M video running windows 2000 pro. but its what i could afford on short notice when my other computer crashed.

i know some people think this is not the "type" of sight to post stuff like this, but i think it is. who knows maybe ill find a geek lover that gets turned on hearing about computers. (i prefer to be optimistic) it could happen.

sorry if I'm not posting more interesting reading material but this is the way my life is right now or at least at the time i wrote this.

besides it is my blog and I'm not trying to please everyone.

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