weekend seems to be the hardest day!  

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4/30/2006 12:18 pm

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weekend seems to be the hardest day!

Ode to Iris
Hello, everyone, and thanks to everyone who visited my blog. Especially, lovely Irida, in her rainbow dress, for her uplifting comments, and for revealing the enormous empathy that lies buried deep within her treasure chest, for commonest of human melancholies that i am going through now. This i deeply cherish.

Patience!, I am advised
There is a general goodness in the hearts of all people. After all, people in general, are a mix of the good and the "not so good". This i have realised after years of keeping my eyes and ears open, and my mouth, well, shut. Take AdultFriendFinder, for example. One may not get replies to entreaties of togetherness and intimacy directed individually, but express it in words in a common forum, and a barrage of heartful comments come rolling towards you, overwhelming you, and making one realise that, in general, people do feel and understand, and that, inspite of it all, they are still not desensitized. Could it be that Goodness, after all, is not an individual trait, but a statistical measure, averaged over the entire

The opposite of loneliness is not "togetherness", but "intimacy" -- Richard Bach
The thread that binds us to the other members of our social circle is sterile. We are constantly reminded of this, and we even have coined terms and phrases to remind us of this invisible, tacit line that seperates the allowable from the "out of bounds". Out of bounds being one of them. But cupid never always has a perfect aim. And when this missed arrow slices through this tangled threads, it can mortally lacerate the social fabric that binds you to your "best friend" .

Weekend Blues
Q: What is the longest you have spent without speaking a word?
A: One full weekend, every weekend
Weekends make me realise the importance of steady relational bonds. Not because it ties me with more strength as the weekend approaches, but because those who consume me socially during the week prefer to slack the one which ties me to them, for want of a tighter bond with those thay are steady with.

So long, and have faith!!

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4/30/2006 6:05 pm

thank you twister...my heart,my soul,my thoughts let them visit your world!

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