Its all about (making) love !  

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4/29/2006 1:53 am

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Its all about (making) love !

It was a typical belgian saturday. Dark, gray clouds refusing to budge an inch, a moderatly strong breeze with enough nip in it to make you shiver. And every now and then, the breeze would pick up a fistful of cold biting rain, and smash it against my window. The attached would have been enjoying it in the delightful embrace of each other, but for the "single and (forever) looking", it is the worst combination of factors, a very potent catalyst that stirs up the longing demon and makes us to silly things (but it is all subjective, u see)
And what did i do? I became a member of AdultFriendFinder!

The fun begins here. I put up an honest profile: some where easy to fill, some required an extra chewing of the back of the pen, but i did fill things to "the best of my knowledge and ability". Certaing things had to be kept hidden for want of civility, and embarassment that usually accompanies normal human nature. After all, not giving information is more virtuous that giving flase and bloated information. At least i think so.
And waited.
No response for a week. zilch. nada.
Then i wondered, maybe a more agressive approach would help. This led me to do my own personal research into profiles, cupid matches and the like, and sent a barrage of emails to prospective girls. Well, this time i was thrilled to find "10 new messages" . However, as always is the case, the happiness was ephemeral, and they all turned out to be auto replies, with promises of replying later "if they found my profile interesting". Hopefully i am still under evaluation.

More later in my next post. Till then... whatever happens, lets resolve to keep our faith intact
be safe!

rm_irida2005 46F
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4/29/2006 4:06 am

Be pation,keep writing in he blogs,you will have attetion from ladys..welcome to blogland..

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