The Insect or Me?  

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8/18/2006 12:41 am

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The Insect or Me?

In my scurrying youth I would spin like a top from A to B and occasionally C.

"Walking's for pigeons and I'm not a bird" my indignant reply would often be heard when mother berated me, "slow down a while!"

But one sunshine day with steam on the trees and a thunderous breeze I fell in the street; alone on an errand and crouched, feeling sick at the sight of a gash in my knee.

Woe is me!

Just as I looked to the raspberry pavement and mourned for the loss of my skin and some tears, I noticed that ants had begun to appear, lured from the nest by a humid sky, ready to fly.

There, where I tumbled, a beautiful specimen of insect design was flattened and waving its legs in a morbid goodbye.

I waved to it back and shall not forget how my tears changed their reason and guilt swelled my head.

For weeks I stopped running as a mark of respect for that little insect, although mum was convinced that my injury caused the reduction in speed, she was hardly correct.

I vivid remember that sticky September and a personal grief at the loss of a friend. And a question remains: when that ant died, regardless of size, on a tarmac altar in the mists of my youth, despite loss of blood and a chunk from my knee, who suffered more, the insect or me?

nottycara 37F

8/18/2006 7:41 pm


that was a huge chunk. the ant died almost at instant. yr lost chunk might have taken u few thousand minutes to recover.

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