So this is what it feels like....  

rm_trulydivyn 54F
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7/6/2006 6:37 pm

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9/24/2006 12:43 am

So this is what it feels like....

I remember this! The joy of having someone satisfy me completely, on all levels, not just sexually....

I asked him: What do you desire deeply? Do you believe you deserve to have that longing satisfied? When was the last time you felt so good or so comfortable wiht someone else? What if I could take you on an incredible journey? What if you learn to taste life like never before? Does your skin tingle too when you think about our incredible intimacy, warmth, awareness? What if our connection goes so deep that no matter what happens, you felt a better person from having known me so intimately? Can I seduce you wiht my eyes, my thoughts, all the nasty ones too? Have you ever been so in love it hurts to be apart from that person for more than a few hours? Do you know what true love is, and recognize it when it appears? Are you willing to do the work required when the need to stand together and face lifes battles together is almost too strong to overcome? Can I touch you in places you never knew existed, making you climax in an ecstacy so incredible you can forget past hurts, even disappointments, even forget your own name?

Whenever you want to know someone's mind, think of some or all of those questions and then answer them for yourself before you ask them...just to remind your self; "So this is what it feels like"

horizon3two5 43M
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7/6/2006 8:28 pm

Hey there Truly,

Thank you for your post. When I read it it reminded me of the times I had reached that all inclusive intamacy you speak of. I think the only thing I can add to the body of your questions to "him" is:

Do you feel so completely connected to her that all you want is for her happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment and joy? By so doing, your own fulfillment is enhanced by everything she does, her touch, her smile, her breath, her quirks, her baggage, her opinion etc?

"So this is what it feels like"

Thank you for reaching beyond the physical. Hard to do on a site like this. lol.

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