November 11 - A Poem for Veterans Day  

rm_tru82 35M
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11/10/2005 10:34 pm

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November 11 - A Poem for Veterans Day

A Soldier Cry...

I was innocent once
before I joined the Corps

I was cursed and blamed and yelled at
yet boot-camp was no war

But the day the towers fell I knew
what the world had in store

This day they yelled "pack your bags!"
and my innocence was no more

Tence we were when arriving there
but Kuwait was not at threat

Our guard let down in the passing months
because no foe was ever met

Then one day the siren roared
and everyone just froze

But the higher ups corrected that
as everybody knows...

Could this be a gas attack?
my fear had just been born

Why was I here today
instead of in the norm?

But these things did not stop right there
much more was sure to come

Now friends of mine began to die
but I promised not to run

Still the images of bloody men
would not seem to leave my head

And a piece of smoking schrapnel
near my foot abed

A friend of mine was cut in two
as I froze in fear you see

Another image that does not leave
but this is our reality

It does not end quite so soon
As some of us return

Our wives and girlfriends have left us
our hearts and souls would burn

But a Red Cross message was the worst you see
a friends message came too late

His famliy died a month ago
so that message was his fate

I walked in to catch him there
his gun was at his head

"You don't know the pain" he said
one shot and he was dead

Every veteran has his story
and I am just the same

But our war guilt lives forever
ourselves we do still blame

For every day of our existance is
haunted very much and by

These images of the painful past
still feeling as if nigh

You could never know the pain adhered
so I beg you not to try

I just ask that you please stand near
each time you see a soldier cry...

-Sergeant (tru82)
U.S.M.C. Veteran
Served in war from 2001-2005

P.S. Oh, and stop asking us if we've killed or shot anyone. That hurts more than you can imagine.

LustGoddess2469 51F  
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11/10/2005 11:32 pm

tru -

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to all that have served and all that are currently serving. I am sorry for your pain, but I thank you for serving.

Thank you to all of our troops, wherever they may be.


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