Sexually Frustrated!!!!  

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4/18/2005 5:24 pm

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Sexually Frustrated!!!!

My message is a little different. I just want to vent a little. I have had a boyfriend for the past 2 years. Lately, I have been feeling very sexually frustrated. In addition, my boyfriend and I are going thru some what of a separation. Well, I've known this guy for a while. Never really gave him a thought b/c he's younger than me. I'm 27 and he's barely 23. I've always thought age is important. I always felt as though a younger man needed to be taught in the bedroom. Well one weekend, I decided to get away. I got a hotel in my area and told all my family (boyfriend included) that I was out of town. I mainly did this just so I can have some ME time. Well, I was feeling lonely and I called the young guy up just to see if he was going to come by my room. Well, HE DID! We layed in bed and talked and eventually kissed. And of course, one thing led to another. That was the best sexually experience I've had. I've never been with a MAN that really and I mean really knew what the hell he was doing. You usually have to guide a little, move your hips a little just to get him where you need him to be to get you off. However, this MAN payed so much attention to me being satisfied that it isn't even funny. He made me feel so good! He wasn't the fattest or longest dick I had. But, he had the best dick and tongue combo I've ever experienced. He ate my pussy for every bit of 30 minutes until I came twice and then made love to me for at least an hour. My dilima is now that me and my boyfriend are attempting to work things out, the sex is to no comparison to what I had with that young man. I find myself so sexually frustrated with him. I think that was enough venting.... Any comments or questions are welcomed. Thank you...


4/18/2005 6:23 pm now have a problem! How do you continue working things out with your current boyfriend when the young dude has "rocked your world"? My guess is that part of your physical frustration that you are experiencing is because of things outside the bed. A relationship has to be a whole package. Did you have complaints before your weekend away??? Although I feel your frustration with current Lover...I think that the real problem is a lack of communication.
For some, the young brother, "Lovemaking" is intuitive. All are not blessed with this natural way of knowing exactly what a womans body needs. While you are working out the wrinkles in this relationship...add the fact that you need more from him in the bedroom and gently guide him to help you become more satisfied. Communicate to him that you'd like more "lickey lickey". Maybe he needs to hear it from you and if he values you as he should...he will gladly learn what you need.
And if he does not....give me a holla!

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