Going nowhere  

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3/2/2006 9:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Going nowhere

There is a very apt song to describe what I feel at the moment. The closest and most descriptive would be U2’s Stuck in the Moment. It has been a long while since anything has happened between us but yet at times you cannot but feel perhaps there is still a last gasp of air to the whole affair before it dies.

Yet at times I feel that I came in last, a position that I am obviously not used to. How could it be true whatever reasons that were forwarded to explain the whole ending. It is the biggest pile of excrement that I’ve ever come across and her current actions go on to strengthen this believe of mine. Yes, I should not dwell in it but then why should I just let it go?

Obviously she is still very much playing around so why don’t I be one of the players rather than come in last all other that came in later? Well I am angry, perhaps bitter but who gives a damn? I don’t.

At times the temptations to go to and just say that I know the fraud that you are, the deceit that you live in, and the lies that you revel in. However at that point in time I just couldn’t be bothered to show that much of emotion. To be precise I would be devoid of any feelings.

I suppose this dog will never get his day and yes it is time to move on but then again I am stuck in the moment, for now.

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