Boundaries and Limitations  

rm_troyx 40M
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7/3/2006 11:39 pm
Boundaries and Limitations

There is this longing that is lodged on to my heart. The yearning for that touch, that smile, that caress, that inaudible whisper, the illicit love. It has been a long time. Too long but yet the memories are still as fresh as the morning flowers.

The pursuit of it would be disastrous, to reminisce about it would be heart breaking and to yell about it spells doom. Such is cost of the cross that one carries. To say that it has come to an end might be true except on certain occasions when inhibition is lost but the prohibition of impropriety is strictly in force.

What am I to do? The rhetorical question that is asked and has no answer. Break and free myself from these shackles of the past which returns no reward. To move in to a future that is obstructed by the present.

I resolve to remove this obstacle and to proceed to a future where I can be myself, where I can actually love rather than pretending to care. It is for my own that I shall do it and I shall set forth to do it as the rest would be against my will…

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