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rm_trotty10 48M
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4/5/2006 4:48 pm
cum in

As I walked by her house she motioned from the window for me to come up to the house. As I walked up the walkway she disappeared from the window. I got to the door and it immeadiately opened but no one was there from what I could see, for everything was dark compared to the bright afternoon sun. I said hello as I entered slowly. There she was bent over the first couple steps of the stairway leading upstairs. All she had on was a garter, hose and little bra that wasn't holding in her hug tits. Her ass and pussy were sticking back toward me. I went behind are kneeled down on the first step below her and started to lick her pussy. Her moans filled the entry way. As my cock stiffened I rose, freed it from my pants and crammed it up into her pussy from behind. It didn't take long until I filled her with cum but she made lay down and she cleaned off my cock with her tongue. Then as it got hard again and she climbed on top. She fucked me until my pelvis hurt and she had soaked me with cum. Then I got dressed, and walked home. What a great walk home. Glad she invited me to 'cum in'.

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