It's over...  

rm_tromaholic 40M
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3/12/2006 11:41 pm
It's over...

Well, my girlfriend and I officially split up a few days ago, on my birthday actually. So now I am putting more effort into searching for someone else. What I would really like is for her to take me back, but I don't think that will ever happen. I miss her. She is also back on this site. She tells me that she isn't really looking for anyone yet and doesn't know why she got her profile back up in the first place. But whenever I come across her listing on the local listings, it always says her last visit was "today".

She will not be an easy one to get over. She was the only woman that I ever truly loved. And she was a bit of a sex feind, so I got used to a very passionate, fullfilling, and experimental sex life. I fulfilled almost every fantasy I ever had with her. Now I feel like I'm kind of ruined. I will never be able to just settle for a normal sexual relationship. I will always want a woman who would be willing to try new things and explore our every sexual desire, no matter how kinky it may seem. That is why I came back to this site. I know there are some freaky women out there. So, where are they at? If any of you crazy nymphos read this, and you are looking for a man that can keep up, then look no further. I am an unstoppable, sexual machine. Whenever my ex and I had sex, it was almost always her who would get worn out and have to stop. Otherwise, i would just keep going, maybe all night. I never really got the chance to see how long I could go, cause she would always tire out. I don't just roll over and sleep after I cum. I cum, then I keep going. Sometimes, I will cum 3 or 4 times, depending on how long the woman can keep it up. I am ready to get back on that horse. I don't want to be alone for too long. I might just explode!

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