Easter week 2006  

rm_travaloca 44T
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4/20/2006 11:10 am
Easter week 2006

Ohhhhhhh, lucky for me women leaved the city and only their husbands and boyfriend kept living here. First day: a carkeeper called my atention, he showed his dick and I caressed it with my tongue, then he fucked my ass lasting and lasting, I had an orgasm but he didnæ„’. I had to ask other fagget around us to serve my man. He kept fucking with the fagget. Second day: An woodworker was around me and I began to touch his dick, it was no great, but he was so kind and meanwhile I was sucking his piece of meat i had an orgasm in the same time he was cuming into my mouth. It was great. Third day: a fat man who was leaving his work approached me, he was the only dressed with a suit. He showed his big and wide dick and it drove me crazy. I sucked and when he began to cum he wanted to fuck me, and I felt his wide piece into my ass. uou, I liked it. Fourth day: An army guy was stand near me and he was touching his dick and he asked me: do you like it?
I began to suck it and it smells so hard. mhhhhhhhhh, the smell of a man. He put his dick into my mouth, but he pushed and pushed, it was so strong to me. I cryed. But he didnæ„’ mind, he kept pushing but ohhhhhh, a police was around us and we had to leave. Minutes later he fucked my ass and cumed. He said bye but he wanted more, a half hour later he approached me and again I had to enjoy his dick in my mouth, then he fucked me again. My ass broken of course. Fifth day: a black teen wanted to fuck my ass and I showed it, he drove crazy and broke my ass repeteadly. Sexth day: A trashworker was resting in the darkness and I approached him and we began to talk, he was nice and cute. I invited him to a discreet place nearby and then, I sucked his delicious dick and then he was hot and fucked my ass with passion in the middle of the park. Ohhhhhhhhh, it was the most sexual easter week in my life.

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