Our Date in the Park.  

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9/2/2006 3:30 pm

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Our Date in the Park.

You are sitting on a bench in the open park, the sexy curve of your legs showing from under your short skirt. Your tight blouse accents the sensual curve of your ample breasts. I quietly approach you unseen, from behind. The cool breeze has caused your nipples to stand erect. I slowly bend over and softly touch my lips to your awaiting neck. Your skin jumps alive, aware of my presence, but you do not move. The sound of the breeze on the leaves fills the air; my hot breath fills your ear. I nibble on your ear, watching the sexual detail of your breasts rise with your breath. My mouth moves bit by bit along your neck, small kisses and nibbles alert the skin. Your toes wiggle in your shoes. Your eyes are closed, your face arching upward to allow my kisses to continue their sexual path. Your breath quickens, and your legs stir slightly in anticipation. I move around the edge of the bench, my lips still upon your neck, and kneel down before you. You eyes are still closed and you shift slightly, leaning back on to the bench. My hands drift leisurely up your legs, feeling every curve, every inch of skin. Your thighs separate, your body ready, your eyes closed, your breath quickens. I move down to your legs with my mouth and kiss the softness your inner thigh. Your ivory skin is so beautiful, so ready to kiss. My hands hold your breasts, my fingers on your nipples. They are alive to my touch. You pull back your skirt, allowing me to see your unclothed pussy, waiting so near to my mouth. Moving my hands down to hold your hips, I gently lick your pussy and kiss your clit. Your body opens up as my tongue slides into you, my mouth savoring your wetness. My mouth continues to enjoy your clit while my finger finds it way inside you. Your body presses back on my face in reaction. Your eyes still are closed, and your breath quickens. You reach out to hold the back of my head, pressing my tongue deeper into your womanhood. I respond and work harder on satisfying your desire. The cool wind feels refreshing on our hot bodies, as the sun is drifting down in the sky in orange and yellow beams. My mouth continues its ride as you stroke the hair on my head, moaning slightly into the evening sky. I suck every drop you will give me holding firmly to your butt. The night is dark now, as we leave the park, your eyes are open..

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