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7/29/2006 1:26 pm

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I WAS THINKING ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH SOON TO BE EX TODAY (UH...HEE HEE?) AND REVISITTING MEMORIES THAT ROCKED. TELL ME, IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS? WHEN WE USED TO GO OUT, WE WOULD GO OUT TOGETHER...MAYBE TO A CLUB OR SOMETHING. AND WE'D KINDA WANDER...SOMETIMES ALONE...BUT NEVER EVER JEALOUS. NEVER NEVER NEVER! HELL, WE BOUGHT PEOPLE DRINKS, DANCED WITH WHOEVER, TALKED TO WHOEVER AND JUST HAD A GOOD TIME. I think there's a sexiness about that...just sitting back and letting somebody dig on ur man or woman.....bc if it's a good situation, both people know its all just about ego and they also know who's gonna be fucking like freaks when they get home. RIGHT? OR IS THIS CRAPPY? IT WORKED FOR US! (yea, i know ur probably thinking "uh huh, and look who's getting divorced now!' but no, thats another show altogether...)

Andy2337 47M

7/29/2006 8:28 pm

Not crappy at all. My ex and myself did the same thing. We would go out together, sometimes meeting friends and other times a new place all together knowing no one at all. We would get along with everyone, no strangers at all...... Fun was the key, we always had it,,,, and like you and yours,,,, we knew who was going to be fucking like freaks later. (divorce was for other reasons all together) Explore and experience!

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