yellow fever  

rm_totallyUUU 69M
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8/16/2006 4:01 pm
yellow fever

It just seems that the few women who I've tried to get to pee for me have given me a trickle at best. I have seen films and, yes, they are specially formulated to perform, in that, they are probably given enhancers of some kind to do it. But I know that there is a lady out there who can get over me and close her eyes and let it run. I know there are paid people who do this in dungeuns, I want a woman who is real. Who may be able to envision her ex and tell herself "piss on him" while she does it. I love pussy. I have had a girl who has squirted while cumming. That was the best. I just want the whole nine yards. Is there somebody out there who wants to give me that and I, in return, will provide an experience, with orgasm(s) which will be equivalent, if not better than, what you can do for me. I am not a perv. I love the female anatomy and what it does. If you can gush, give me a tinckle.

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