going down...  

rm_toongirl69 39F
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1/31/2006 8:08 pm

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6/5/2007 9:55 pm

going down...

Well, it has been tooo long since I have written anything in this thing. What can I say...I have been "otherwise occupied" *giggle* anyways. I am not ashamed that I "enjoy" going down on my guy..cause after all you only get what you "put in" anyways....I have this trick that I always "spring" on the guy at the "last minute". I am doing my thing, licking and sucking the shaft as I use my hand simutaneously...then when hes getting ready to cum..I pin his legs down with my knees. he is lying down on the bed, I am positioned between his legs and I pin his legs down with my knees...and go to town not stopping until its over! Every guyy has squealed like a girl when I have done this...I dont know if its cause they cant move or if it is because they cum in my mouth but. It really does something for your self esteem ya know?? Also, I just have to say...on the other side...when a guy goes down on a girl...when you guys decide to delay the penetration when you are going down...till the right...exact moment *big smile* *sigh* OH MY GOD!!!! I like it when a guy is going down and when you least fucking expect it a finger or two slips in........ahhhhhhhhhhh It just pushes me over the edge! I just had to say "thank you" to all you guys out there who really know what they are doing. *smile*

rm_derekb77 41M

2/13/2006 2:12 pm

NIce one...except you missed the fact about slowly licking in and around the thighs stomach and all over. Make you so hot before I touch anything. Just the warm breath breathing across you, drive you insane with no touch at all, and then feel a warm slight lick across it all.....Please come pin me down...I want to squeal for you!

sunlover4life 54M

6/6/2007 5:55 am

I'm "UP" for a good squeeeeeeeling!

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