Well,, Next There's Better Timed Luck  

rm_toohotque 51M
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3/26/2005 7:54 am
Well,, Next There's Better Timed Luck

What do I want from a woman? Sex. No strings sex, then friendship. If I can be comfortable with her friendship then its possible I will be able to keep holding an interest in the value of her sexuality as well. She could fly into town, have me meet her for dinner, fuck me and fly out in the morning. If she wanted to stay a couple weeks, all the better. We could dine All Over Town, her fucking me obvious.

I'm looking near the top for a stunningly attactive woman who wants no strings sex, and who might also be willing to keep me as a friend for interest and sex.

I would get advice to try a sounder approach, but I want experience in a woman who knows the difference between me and other men, and sincerely appreciates the positive side. On the downside, I diminish the chance of finding a stunningly attractive woman who has been abused. All of her men will have been intelligent, witty and caring. Thus I tend to make myself out to be an interesting plaything, which I enjoy immensely.

I'm non-violent and non-confrontational, which bothers many who would enjoy the argue then make-up dramas in a relationship. I don't enjoy the irrational lunacy. I can be your straight partner if you enjoy the contrast with your own funny character. I also have a desire for humor, but when it comes to playing the emotional games, making false accusations that are ludicrous just so you can makeup, count me out.

I guess I enjoy mental stimulation that is non-threatening; but I set myself up for a reclusive perspective, finding little to interest me in community involvement. Instead I would prefer to beat the system if possible, and settle for a quiet evening home where its warm and comfortable. In the summer there is the garden, in the winter there is the coziness of the fire and the companionship of the dog.

I don't need to wage debates with congregation members, or to argue with parents about little league participation, or to be seen regularly at the nicest bar in town. That time is non-productive for me and risky, so spending a few hours in the evening taking care around the house is logical and given the alternatives, I can be happy with it as a lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong. I hang at the club an hour with friends for a sandwhich after Golf, and I certainly would enjoy ocassional visits with friends to talk over dinner and play cards.

Its just that I have made a life of building a home and continually working on improving it over 15 years, and I recognize the value of doing it. Over time it paid off well, and I have begun building a second home. What fits into my life will probably have to complement that activity, for at least a few more years.

As for the ultimate woman,, I seek an athletic, youthful person with strong character; but I will respect a career that involves artistry. Above all, I seek kindness.

I go about offering myself up to women like it is sporting. I will allow myself to be used as an experience, but eventually I will decide that I have been had enough and to draw the line to limit my liabilities. I do have a prostate, and I need to consider financial matters as I go. I can afford to be fucked this summer, and maybe we'll be able to do it again next year, in better style. Living on the lam? Its not necessary. There are no warrants.

I bought some suntan oil yesterday.


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