The TooHotResume  

rm_toohotque 51M
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3/22/2005 10:42 am
The TooHotResume

New Keywords: OnDemand Cunnilingus, Boner Tanning, Trainable... also, I get boners.

The skills needed to get a job when you have so many women in the workforce... I could use a few tips on what to put into my resume.

I wonder if anyone has heard whether it has helped to list these extra-special qualifications in their applications?

I guess adding 10-inch seducer would be dynamite but I think back to what happened to the legendary cluntclitrecker in the Old West. He lived for years with STD that he could never cure. Women who became infected found themselves seeking him for sex. He was legendary for letting them ride him their way. There is a fine line between sporting the essentials and being too anxious to give it all away, especially when its only to get a job...

Except miracles of modern medicine are available, if you are skilled at fooling the doctor into supporting your claim that you are otherwise well. But once a reputation is tarnished by letting the corporate world onto a tidbit of the truth, the carreer is essentially over. Unless you are seen as useful to the female management for their off-the-record needs.

All this from the perspective of an underling. Its not so bleak if you are at the top of management. The benefits of being totally immune are substantial.

I think I'll give it a shot, putting it into my resume' on places like Monster Board and the MN Workforce Center. Hell, once the women find it, they can open up a bogus non-profit store front and entice me into a juicy management position at the back, which my resume' implies I may accept. I think I would ask for an immunity clause, wherever I could get one.


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