Spring day 65 degrees...  

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3/29/2005 5:35 pm
Spring day 65 degrees...

Enduring winter was tough this time. Off grid, I lived in a 10x18 shack that is to be my bathroom and laundry room with a small basement underneath it. I was able to get it up just before the snow in November. By next week it will be drying up around here and a new season of work begins. Building will be done in summer.

It was an odd day beginning with stress, getting out of the muddy driveway. Near the entrance on the township road its very poor, but my 4WD Toyota made it, just barely. I needed a part in town for the generator recoil assembly, which lost a rivet and became unstable, causing a small plastic pin to break. Also, I picked up my new chainsaw that needed some work. I came home and put the generator back together and ran it to charge batteries and run the computer. The AA cells for the wireless keyboard and mouse were were low and I charged them too. It took a few tries to get the keyboard working again, finally pressing the small button on the bottom got it to work. I had forgotten it was necessary after changing the battery.

Early in the morning I fixed a propane leak by light of the flashlight. I got a new tank Sunday but due to small leak I would always shut the valve in the basement when not cooking. I checked behind the stove with a match and found the suspected leak. In December I almost asphixiated myself with CO2, propane or both. I had to get out with extreme dizziness and walk. After that I just turned it off and solved the problem. Then when the tank was empty I just let it go, not wanting to complicate things. I cooked on a small campstove. Today it was nice to have the convenience, as well as the weather. Now if it rains I can just turnup the small heater in the basement. I burned wood all winter and slept in front of the stove on a couch. I need to get modern conveniences back into my life. Like running water. Its been a good experience, but with the summer to build I intend to find myself living in much better comfort next winter. Dealing with the discomfort, cramped space, break downs etc. is good experience at my age, as I try to get by on less money than most. (I'm accustomed to having quite a bit of free time when not working. With it I have been able to do some computer programming in the past. Now I look forward to making some stained glass pieces in a new shop.)

I spent 2 hours laying in the sun. Late in the day I took the tour walking around the whole place in the snow and mud. On the trip to town I had observed a flock of Robins in a field. On my walk-about I noticed a single Robin perched in a Maple tree in the center of the clearing above the garden. I hope to attract Phoebe flycatchers and was thinking about getting a Robin this morning on my trip. Maybe it will nest. Way back in the woods, I had not seen a Robin last year. Now there is a clearing. It was a sign. The animals are attracted to the clearing. There are a few pines that can be good for nesting. I like watching the Phoebes, they are very acrobatic and strong as they catch insects in mid-air.

Snow will melt through the night. With it gone, the mornings will be much warmer soon.

I put on a few pounds. I'll get back to working hard soon enough. Overall it was a nice day. The weirdest thing I did was wind the spring from the recoil assembly in the generator. I used the end of a cooking pan that had a hole to hold the inside end of the spring. I managed to wind it tightly enough to fit it into the wheel. I did it when I was tanning during a break. Winding the springs is a real pain.

I owe thanks to my neighbors who checked on me throughout the winter, giving me some cookies, chili or other food items. Also one of the neighbors plowed the driveway three times, after the other had some trouble with his hand and couldn't work. I visited my parents a few times, but for the most part tt was a lonely time spent with my dog. With the internet and CBS TV I was able to check news and weather. I also had some other interests as well as AdultFriendFinder later, in March.

I bothered them a little by not coming out except once a week to make tracks with my car. Often they would go for several days without seeing a sign that I had come out. I have a wireless telephone for emergencies.


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