Reality Check...  

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3/18/2005 11:00 am
Reality Check...

Without referring to the post above (or the one at the left,) yesterday I went out late in the afternoon to visit, but finding noone home I returned to town and did a month's worth of laundry (a record.) Entering the establishment I found three young, college-age girls talking at the attendant's desk,, I exchanged quick glances with one of them and went about my business of loading the soiled clothes into the washer. Passing near the desk I thought I heard the word "cunnilingus" but I made no attempt to clarify the perception.

Last night at home I finally decided that it would have been bold to assert bluntly to the foxy ladies that: "There really are no NICE girls in this town." Then I could have asked whether the tanning booth was open and suggested I would meet them in there for servings (of the good stuff.)

This kind of behavior would really change my life, no doubt about it.

I've thought about having some cards made on my computer to advertise "toohotque" with the explicit photograph... I could just leave it on the table at a restaurant with a tip.

Personally I think its less risky to fantasize broadcasting to the FBI and anyhowdoll (my new cunnilingus trainer) explicit live tanning sessions.

This AdultFriendFinder thing is like a snowball that grows a little at a time in proportion to what goes into it. People seem to feed on creativity and support for each other. SEX is a very serious inhibition for most normal people. While our culture permits a broad interpretation of sexuality that is in writing and photographic,, laws are very strict on actual contact that is innappropriate. Getting past the hurdle of exhibiting an explicit photograph of myself, and receiving a favorable comment from a VERY liberated woman is a step toward realizing greater (and freakier,) freedom.

SEX is a part of life,, it gets depicted as dangerous but its a necessity. Suggesting that SEX can be enjoyed is over-stating what is said about life in the first place (which is also quite dangerous.)

An essence of honesty is an important ingredient to inspurration... stepping forward and defining an artistic blend of reality and fantasy is risky, playful courtship of pleasure.


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