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2/27/2005 2:38 pm
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Got any plans for the 4th?

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3/2/2005 12:00 am

Thanks for your comments in my BLOG. It is obvious that you are highly intelligent & as my mother says "Too smart is no good". By that she is refering to the standard bell shape curve where either ends of it are "wacked". Well I like me and I refer to this as the 10% Club. It's where the Good "enough" to be something is placed as opposed to the other end where the "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" go. Because we are out of the box thinkers we get labeled "weird". This is true in all circles for example: 15 years ago, I stopped using amagam (Silver-mercury fillings). I was criticized by my collegues as being a charlitan or a "QUACK". I discontinued the use of this mercury containing alloy because of a bullitin sent to all dentists stating that we must call hazardous waste to pick up the scrap filling material and that it had to be in a sealed jar of mineral oil. I called EPA and asked if we could seal it in water they said no....mineral oil. Then it dawned on me, mercury vaporization. must be able to bleed through water but not mineral oil. I thought that if its harmful for landfilllls then what about us?

So you see society snears at deviations from the norm (average). I'm proud and glad that I'm not in the norm. What's so good about being so-so. I'm a fanatic and have great passions for things I love and if that makes me a wierdom I'll take it! Only by accepting myself will I be free. Free from negativity. Free from Judgements; Free from criticism. With other people trying to
kick you down (which in turn makes them feel superior), you don't need to kick yourself. Just remember, live by your virtues. Virtues are things or behaviors know as being good in all cultures and societies. Honesty is a virtue. Both you and I have that strange behavior. It's only strange because it should be everyone's virtue. But people lack the cofidence to take the heat for what they believe.

I believe we are happier with our kind...the 10% club. People like you, me, and AnyHowDoll are in this group. Just don't let the fools beat you down.

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