Perfect morning,, more tanning today!  

rm_toohotque 51M
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8/19/2006 7:25 am
Perfect morning,, more tanning today!

Cool and clear. It was probably in the 40's this morning.

I insulated more of my sleeping room and find its comfortably holding heat. Small comforts really make a difference in your life! I was living in a tent 2 years ago and began to suffer in September from the cold nights.

Without running water in my shack, I had trouble staying clean and comfortable.

This spring I acquired a larger generator and plumbed a toilet after building the garage. With a new sleeping room, running water has made a huge difference.

Soon, I'll be adding a garage door and will have more secure space. I'll be able to enjoy a little more comfort by moving some things into cold storage but, December cold and snow may force me to rent until April so I can keep my job.

I'm getting going on some soffit and landscaping/brushing. Then a woodshed will keep wood dry.

I really enjoy the quiet mornings out in the woods. This morning was very pretty with light on my trees and clearing at 6:30. This is to be the bedroom, deck and living room view seen each morning at sunrise. Its very nice.

I moved images onto a USB drive in preparation to get my computer serviced. I think they used the word "sillage." I looked it up in a dictionary to find no correlation with their useage which apparently prevented them from performing a repair. My screensaver probably was offensive. It displayed pictures of lingerie from Playboy after ten minutes. With normal use I hardly see them as I tend to conserve battery power. So I actually forgot about those images. Some of my other 'stuff' would qualify as explicit and offensive. It has been removed. Now I can find out about the "sillage."

Keeping weight off has been impossible w/o aerobic exercise. I'm working-out this morning before attempting other work and any kayaking.


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