Once Double-Fucked ...  

rm_toohotque 51M
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3/19/2005 6:52 pm
Once Double-Fucked ...

Cunplaymentary to the cold, midnight fuck we had in my truck at the back corner of her parking lot... we wiggled back into some clothing and went up to her place for another.

There was a time when I would drink. I can remember meeting a divorcee once. She was receptive to me and we left the bar for my truck. I recall that she put her leg over in my lap before I turned the key. I think I probably spent a few moments caressing it and looking at her. At that time we just knew what we were doing. We were both HOT for each other. I was getting a boner.

I started the engine and she slid over to me on the big seat and clung to my arm, giving me directions. Her place was half way across town a few minutes away. She instructed me to pull into the parking lot... I think I purposefully drove way back to the corner near the dumpsters where it was dark. It was mid winter and at 11 pm it was cold and dark.

We didn't have any trouble getting at each other right when the truck was parked. (She probably knew that if she stayed in close contact with me, it was automatic.) We kissed, and I put my hands on her wherever I wanted them. I pulled at her clothes and she pulled at mine. In driving a few blocks I had lost the boner I had when she had first put her leg in my lap, but I was throbbing for her again. We struggled to get enough clothing off so she could get me inside of her. When she did, I recall she was perfectly loose and lubricated. I took her carefully and put her on her back with her head against the arm rest and gently rode her going in as deeply as possible, grinding with her and stiffening my cock to get the maximum size. I worked inside her at times exploring for feelings of parts of her that my cock could touch. We fucked comfortably in my truck as I ravaged her female essence for a long time.

Finally I must have exploded inside of her, and she took me. She whispered in my ear, "
Its OK, I'm on the pill." I breathed the obligatory sigh of relief. As we lay there for a few minutes she asked me if I wanted to sleep with her in her bed. As the title implies, this was only Act One. We put our clothes back on and went up to her apartment.

We went through the kitchen and she led me immediately to the bedroom. To this, I promptly undressed and got under the covers. She made a trip to the kitchen and bathroom for something and came back quickly, getting undressed and with me again. We were both a little chilled, and enjoyed the reunion of our flesh, rubbing each other with great anticipation. I got hard quickly and we fucked again, this time in her warm, cozy waterbed. Being submissive this time I lay with my ass deep into the softness of her bed and let her slowly and gently ride me, timing my upward thrusts with her movements and the waves. We fucked very pleasurably again for a considerable amount of time. I loved just putting my hands on her waist and hips, and watching her in the dim light as she rode me. Her tits hung in my face and from time to time I lifted my head to lick at them as they moved. She rode me so perfectly and gently knowing I really enjoyed having HER fuck me, and I know she must have enjoyed giving me such pleasure, and the sensation of fucking so pleasurably again in her warm, soft bed. There was no crazy switching positions. She just got on top and I simply let her ride me the whole way, her way. She was gentle and sensational.

Looking back on this encounter, it resonates within me as truly one of the most enjoyable fucks I have ever had. It rates as the most under-rated, because for some reason I don't think of it very often. When I left early in the dark, I put 20 dollars on top of her refrigerator. I never got together with her again. She was HOT. Getting the opportunity to fuck her a second time was the ultimate cunplayment. Purr... Double-Purr...


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