New body coming...  

rm_toohotque 51M
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3/12/2006 10:32 am
New body coming...

thinner legs are showing muscles,, love-handles are beginning to disappear.

I went off my diet yesterday and had rough-wheat bread and some rye crackers. But I had no potato and soup for dinner and worked-out hard today. I think I'll add a cracker and slice of rough-wheat toast to my small bowl of oatmeal in the mornings. I also have a banana and glass of milk with whey protein. I'll take some aloe juice with water and creatine about every other day. The oatmeal is sprinkled with cinnamon and honey. I think I will add a small handful of trail mix to this meal too.

I tanned for the first time in 2 weeks and went shopping through the mall buying ankle bracelets, the new Gilmore CD and two shirts for golf. Also, I picked out a book on effectivity which is geared for management types, but I want to see what it says...

My weight now hovers near 165 as I work on a thin layer of fat around my tummy. With fat disappearing from the legs, the tummy should begin to reveal the abdominal muscle undulations.

I can elect to workout and skip meals to get rapid fat-loss with burners, but I seek to avoid the extended periods of mental stress. Sleep is important.

I find I am getting some noticing looks from admiring women. My waistline is 31 and the legs are lean and muscular. I'm beginning to work on a more exotic portrayal of myself. Seen at left I am wearing red silk shorts that are size "small." I'd enjoy wearing the outfit somewhere, but I can't think of many places. A boner is very noticable under the thin silk (which I can hide with the Tommy Hilfiger shirt,) and my legs with the ankle-bracelet are girly, tan, smooth-shaven and provocative.

Help me out.

I wore the bracelet at my workout today and plan to wear one when I begin to flaunt the washboard tummy in a Speedo type of swimsuit this summer. My girl-tanning nudes will of course feature the anklet bracelets.

Ummm, 149 went up 8 times today. (10 is a near-term goal.)


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