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3/22/2005 9:31 am

I just checked the NYTimes website to learn of the incident at Red Lake yesterday. I noticed a couple of helicopters late in the afternoon. I guess they were FBI or news crews from MPLS.

What goes on at a school is so much like a courtroom. Decisions are made about the lives of people, and when you think about it, the school system has such a profound impact on what you become eligible to pursue in life. Adding to the security of schools costs more money, while the actual competence of the well-paid administration and staff lags the need.

There should be a program to train somehow disadvantaged adults in funded apprentice positions, not schoolroom settings. It would give many of us some hope. We get to the school and don't graduate in the top 10 percent, so we can't find work. Let the employers hire apprentices in a funded program to train them in an actual position of employment. Setup housing for those who need it to be in the program with strict guidelines to keep everyone focused.

The way the system functions today,, if you cannot perform in a schoolroom, you cannot succeed in life. There is so much pressure to perform that parents are coached into getting children at early ages on anti-depressants to enhance personality, mood and behavior. All to increase measured performance in Grade School? Come on! That's crazy. Behavior and mental development are linked to nutrition and how children spend their time. Parents who will devote time to actually reasoning with their young children, and becoming trusted for advice are way out in front of those who don't.

In my estimation, one of the most rewarding experiences a father could have would be the first time a child comes to him for advice.

There's a serious problem with a young mind that cannot apply the information he is processing to achieve a meaningful sense of wellness. Failing is hard to take.

The parents in white society who are putting their children on anti-depressants, and the doctors who are prescribing them are failing at nutrition and lifestyle. Work is SO important to them that they have only enough time to give the children pills, not their care and effort needed for communicating and reasoning. Its analogous to what the judicial system does to offenders who 'need' counseling from a court-approved professional; essentially because they could not get it from their parents as young children.

Given a choice, I think I would much prefer to ban the use of anti-depressants by parents who enhance the performance of their young children; than see steroids banned by major league ball players. We can deal with the steroids, but the children are not able to deal with the adults.


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